A total comprehensive control and a surveillance grid is being implemented through the already present carbon footprint tracking systems banking app.

Imagine this scenario: having to use your “carbon calculator” while shopping and realizing you only have 10 points to work with. The 21.45 CO2 jeans are not available; instead you must choose the 8.98 CO2 jeans. After all exceeding your limit will result in your card expiring and your digital payment being rejected.[1]

This scenario is already taking shape in Ireland. Marc Cathasaigh a Green Party TD (MP) of Ireland visited the Brew Dog pub in Dublin back in April of this year. He posed the query while displaying a screenshot of the menu that featured CO2 (carbon dioxide) labels next to each item on the menu.

As I have written in another blog this carbon calculator has already been developed by Mastercard which one can read in their press release of 2021 entitled “Mastercard unveils new Carbon Calculator tool for banks globally as consumer passion for the environment grows.” (Mastercard Carbon Calculator.[3]) And it is no surprise that they have collaborated with the same Swedish fintech Doconomy for this project a project in the form of an app where you can check your carbon footprint which will determine what you can and what you can’t buy.[2]The Carbon Calculator also enables consumers to receive a snapshot of the carbon emissions generated by their purchases across spending categories.

They are selling it again under the guise that there is “a growing trend toward eco-conscious spending and consumption among people who want to turn their purchases and rewards redemption into meaningful action for the planet.” They all repeat the same wording of “positivity with a positive nirvana scenario” for propaganda’s sake. Surely the propaganda is working and by using interchanging mind-control they drive the herd to where they want but they won’t drive the “black sheep”.

This feature is not only now integrated across Mastercard’s global network but it will also be “easy for [other] banks to adopt and customize for eco-conscious consumers who are looking for more ways to be informed about their spending. It provides access to insights and data about carbon impact and enables people to easily contribute to preserving the environment.” They surely won’t tell you that this will become obligatory to everyone whether you are eco-conscious or not and that the ulterior motive is otherwise when one digs deep.

If you look at the image’s upper left corner the change from 2020 to 2030 can be seen. Hence it is a 2030 carbon calculator (https://www.2030calculator.com/) as in Agenda 2030 and in the end it will manifest as an app that addresses every aspect of digital ID digital currency social credit score and so forth.

British State of Nat West bank in partnership with carbon tracking expert CoGo has already launched this app which allows “customers to see the C02 emissions associated with their daily spending“.[4]It is being sold to the public by CEO David Linberg under the guise that “many people in the UK want to reduce their impact on the climate” and in order to do so “you need to be able to measure it” because they want to make “it easy for everyone to live and spend in a greener way –using the power of their money to influence change“. He adds that such an app will “give people the information they need to make informed choices about how they spend as well as realistic and achievable ways of cutting down on carbon.” [meaning they will control how you spend your money and on what.]

In the “my spending” tab one can see a second tab with “my footprint”. It gives you a number for your “carbon footprint” on your month’s spending and there are more tabs saying how you can reduce it with “meat-free Mondays” etc. They are using the virtue signalling green agenda to introduce all of the above already.

This proves that this type of technology and add-on is already being embedded into the banking systems.

Now I am all for making the best choices that are environmentally friendly. I love the environment animals fauna flora – all that is part of God’s creation all that is the work of His hands. And mostly I love a clean environment. I have been directing myself to make environmentally friendly choices since a teenager before there was this kind of awareness locally. And I can be often seen enjoying the beaches at sunset with my two dogs cleaning the sand from plastic and cigarette buds without showcasing it. There is nothing to showcase. It is our duty. Because for example the plastic burden which then led to recycling is part of the reaction they created to the problem which they themselves created. And then they claim it to be progress. And people fall for it. More and more now I refuse to be part of the problem that they created and more and more I refuse to be part of the solution that they are offering which will make me more enslaved to a beastly system.

Because what they are creating here is total comprehensive control and a surveillance grid from the top from which it will be impossible to escape. And if we are going to trust the billionaires the bankers the governments and the Elite (who have created the environmental crises) to design a brand-new economic system based on all of the above because you think that they really care about the environment and about you then you might as well hand them your grey matter in a bag.


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