Empowering the governments to make medical decisions for you is more dangerous than any other disease.

The Daily Telegraph reported that in UK monkeypox has now been upgraded to the same severity level as leprosy and the plague and that doctors were given the legal requirement to inform the authorities of suspected cases in possible sign that the disease is spreading beyond at-risk groups.[1]Under the UK’s health protection rules monkeypox now has the same legal standing as 33 other diseases that are defined as “notifiable” including leprosy malaria rabies plague and yellow fever.

In June 2022 Times of Malta stated that “Monkeypox is not thought to be a sexually transmitted disease” and “Though its new spread may be linked to particular gay festivals in Europe monkeypox is not thought to be a sexually transmitted disease with the main risk factor being close skin-to-skin contact with someone who has monkeypox sores.”[2]

Fast forward to July 31st and the same TOM blames the spread of monkeypox on sex and the gay community: “Whether it’s abstinence avoiding nightclubs limiting sexual partners or pushing for a swift vaccine rollout Spain’s gay community are on the front line of the monkeypox virus and are taking action.”[3]

According to a first major peer-reviewed paper in the New England Journal of Medicine “Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men and men.”[4]

Rosamund Lewis the WHO’s technical lead for monkeypox told a press conference that ninety-eight percent of reported cases “are among men who have sex with men (MSM) — and primarily those who have multiple recent anonymousor new partners.” Well even heterosexuals can have multiple or new partners. Monogamy is always the preferred scenario to keep away from infections.

According to Dr. Amesh Adalja monkeypox may have gone unnoticed in Western countries under the pretence of a sexually transmitted infection because there are a variety of STIs that show symptoms that are like monkeypox. She told NBC News that “What’s likely happened is an endemic infectious disease from Africa found its way into a social and sexual network and then was greatly aided by major amplification events like raves in Belgium to disseminate around the world” and that it may have been spreading ‘under the radar’ for years.[5]It is very convenient to say so lest the masses start awakening connect the dots and realise that the outbreak started after the covid-19 vaccine roll-out or that this might be an adverse reaction to the same vaccine.

According to our health ministry government website even “Contact with clothing or linens (such as bedding or towels) or objects like eating utensils/dishes used by an infected person”[6]can spread monkeypox.

According to the CDC[7] “monkeypox can only be spread by people showing symptoms of the virus and typically transmits through physical contact with infectious skin lesions.

But in some cases it can also be spread through breathing in droplets from infected people.

” It added that most of those cases detected in America had “lesions opening in the genital area as their first symptom”. In a nutshell this media claimed that monkeypox is an airborne pathogen.

According to the New York State Department of Health to be eligible to get the monkeypox vaccine people must meet these criteria: they must either be gay or bisexual or man who has sex with men and/or are transgender gender non-conforming or gender non-binary; are age 18 or older and have had multiple anonymous sex partners in the last 14 days.

Our health authorities will be vaccinating only primary contacts so far which might include the above but have more varied cohorts who are eligible. Our government often gives generalized statements leaving the citizens in limbo while avoiding giving specific information.

With all this hotchpotch of different statements and having people who were lobotomized by the media and the government trusting this manipulated science again it is very clear that when lobotomized people empower their governments to make medical decisions for them it is more dangerous than any other disease!

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[7]CDC claims it backtracked on face mask recommendation because it was ‘causing confusion’ | Daily Mail Online

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