Questions to ponder about when it comes to the monkeypox vaccines.

According to the “experts” “EU nations are suffering shortage of monkeypox vaccine because of slow procurement programme.”[1]According to a doctor in Brussels the vaccine is not yet available in Belgium. EU doctors have turned away patients due to too few monkeypox vaccine doses while the UK has ordered over 100k vaccines but the EU has just 169k for 27 members.

Fearne said that these vaccines were obtained via an EU joint procurement mechanism with Malta being “among 14 European countries that received the second allocation of the vaccine because they have a low incidence of monkeypox. Countries with a higher incidence received their lot last month”[2].

So Malta could receive these vaccines with only 30 cases while Belgium for example with a higher number of cases couldn’t? By April 2020 this Joint Procurement Agreement was covering around 537 million people including all EU and EEA population the UK as well as almost all candidate countries and potential candidates.  Is it possible that the EU does not have enough monkeypox vaccines considering that they told us that the smallpox vaccine will do instead? So scientists could come up with billions of doses for Covid in less than 12 months but they cannot come up with many doses for monkeypox with the already existent smallpox vaccine? And why is there the need for a large amount of monkeypox vaccines? Are they predicting an endemic or do they have in mind again to inoculate as many as possible so to give the depopulation agenda a push?

Can Dr Fearne inform us how many monkeypox vaccines has Malta received and how many more vaccines is Malta expecting and by when? And will Malta also get its financial reward for these vaccines like it did with the Covid-19 vaccines?[3]

If we also analyse the opposite scenario how come the EU already has 169k of monkeypox vaccines when the outbreak is quite recent? Did they know about it a priori?

Times of Malta reported that it“is informed the vaccine will not be available commercially [it is better that the government is in total control] and it will remain free of charge [nothing is free when it comes from the government. It is money stolen from our hard-earned money under the guise of taxes] even if the authorities feel the need to expand its coverage in the future.” Will the government be getting more monkeypox vaccines and offering it to various cohorts so to expand this coverage? Will homosexual people be targeted?[4]

Fearne said that these vaccines will be “offered to primary contacts of confirmed Monkeypox cases free of charge”.[5]Why do the primary contacts need a vaccine when the same local health authorities had told us that monkeypox “is rare and not easily transmitted” and that all positive cases need to do is isolate? Why doesn’t this include also those who are in contact especially sexual contact with an infected person during the incubation period when symptoms have not appeared yet? Only Covid was unique in targeting asymptomatic people.

To the question “What treatments are available?” in the “Monkeypox FAQ Questions” in our health ministry website [6]the answer is

“Monkeypox symptoms often resolve on their own without the need for treatment.”Since symptoms resolve on their own without the need of treatment why is this vaccine being offered as a treatment?

Back in May “Fearne had “made sure to stress that “monkeypox is not Covid” and that the closest thing to it is chickenpox.”[7]

But on his Health Ministry website we read: “ Does the chickenpox vaccine prevent monkeypox? The chickenpox virus (varicella-zoster virus (VZV)) is different to the monkeypox and smallpox viruses (orthopoxvirus) and for this reason the chickenpox vaccine does not protect against monkeypox.”[8]

Yet according to our health minister chickenpox is the closest to monkeypox….

To the question “Can you get vaccinated for monkeypox now? Is there a vaccine available for monkeypox and will it be offered to the public?” the answer is:

“There isn’t a specific vaccine for monkeypox but there is a vaccine against smallpox[…] that does offer some protection (at least 85% effective in preventing monkeypox) if given before or within a few days of exposure.  This is because the monkeypox virus is closely related to the virus that causes smallpox. [so it is not chickenpox but smallpox]

If required public health authorities will guide vaccination of close contacts.”

If we remove the phrase “if required” and we follow their ħawwadni ħa nifhmek science then our health authorities will start calling all those who have been in contact with monkeypox cases to get this vaccine.


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