Times of Malta justifies the purchase of the monkeypox vaccines by our government.

The machine propaganda Times of Malta has published an article in order to justify why our government has purchased the monkeypox vaccines.
It seems that the media is indirectly trying to reply to my question in another blog “So Malta could receive these vaccines with only 30 cases while Belgium for example with a higher number of cases couldn’t?”[1]Why am I stating so?

This is because TOM has named their article “Monkeypox rate in Malta is one of the highest in Europe”.[2]TOM explained that only four other nations in Europe have a greater incidence of monkeypox than Malta according to data issued by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). [If we always have to trust this source and believe that this data is true.] The ECDC noted that Malta has a rate of 60.1 infections per one million persons with 31 cases discovered since mid-May. Up to a week ago the mainstream media had reported 30 cases. Now it seems that the total has gone up by one case.

TOM adds that only Spain Portugal Luxembourg and the Netherlands had higher rates in Europe and that several nations including those with considerably larger populations than Malta’s have found significantly fewer cases of monkeypox.

TOM continues with the same scripted description of monkeypox stating and admitting that it is a rare condition that is typically related to encounters with wild animals in West and Central Africa. Over the past few months cases have been found in the US the UK and Europe. [Our mainstream media still refuses to do an official correlation with the Covid-19 vaccine.]

According to the ECDC monkeypox does not easily transfer between people. [Yet again the vaccine is still being offered!]

TOM also quoted the ECDC website’s statement “Human-to-human transmission occurs through close contact with infectious material from skin lesions of an infected person through respiratory droplets in prolonged face-to-face contact and through fomites” in order to keep on justifying the need for our government to buy monkeypox vaccines.

And they concluded their article by reminding the public that these vaccines are here:

“Last week Malta received its first doses of the monkeypox vaccinewhich is being offered free of charge to primary contacts of confirmed cases.
Two doses of the vaccine are necessary. The Maltese health authorities had announced they had detected the first case on May 27.”
What’s in play here?

The media is once again being part and parcel of the propaganda of this time the monkeypox vaccines.

The media is once again being part and parcel of the government’s justification for the need to purchase these vaccines.

The media is once again being part and parcel of sensationalism alarmism and fearmongering so to make sure that the nation heads steadfast for the administration of these same vaccines.

The media is once again playing with numbers while inflating the gravity of the scenario as they did with Covid-19.

But could it be that in reality there are more than the 31 registered local cases?


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