Numerous articles by the mainstream media about sudden and mysterious deaths are being published after the Covid19 vaccine roll out – part 1

Since the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out we have mystery heart attacks mystery strokes mystery cardiac arrest in children mystery athletes dropping dead mystery paralysis mystery people dying in their sleep mystery children with hepatitis mystery monkeypox and mystery polio among all the other numerous and too long to mention side-effects. It is all being branded as a “mystery”.

But if we have a look at the number of articles published by the international mainstream media about all those who are dying “suddenly and mysteriously” post Covid-19 vaccine rollout we can start connecting the dots. This all points to the fact that the Covid-19 vaccine is killing people on a massive scale and the media is putting all this in a nicer way by describing these deaths as “sudden and mysterious” or as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. It surely sounds nicer than telling the nations that this is genocide on a global scale because they want you to be programmed to believe that having people randomly dying is normal. It is all a cover-up of the vaccine harm.

Let’s have a look at these articles.

In one week five Italians “died suddenly” while biking two “died suddenly” on buses three were found dead on beaches and all too many more dropped dead while walking running driving or changing tyres. Mark Crispin Millerof New York University has collected media reports of people who have “died suddenly” in numerous countries across the world. The list can be read here:

In Memory of Those Who “Died Suddenly” in Italy – The Expose (

1st June 2022: “Professional bodybuilder Paul Poloczek dies aged 37- hours after competing in a tournament as grieving wife says ‘you live in our hearts.’” by The Daily Mail.[1]

3rd June 2022: “Scots shinty star dies suddenly aged just 31 as tributes pour in for ‘shining light’ taken too soon” by The Daily Record.[2]

9th June 2022: “Brookside and Corrie star James Caroll dies suddenly as friends pay tribute” by The Mirror.[3]

24th June 2022: “Veteran BBC news and sports presenter Harry Gration dies ‘suddenly’ aged 71: Colleague weeps as she breaks the news to viewers – sparking a wave of tributes to Grandstand legend” by The Daily Mail.[4]

27th June 2022: “Miss Brazil Dies Suddenly Aged 27 From Massive Heart Attack – Doctors Baffled” by Planet Today.[5]

28th  June 2022: “Schoolboy 14 collapses and dies in class 30 minutes after telling gran ‘I love you’” by The Daily Mail.[6]

28thJune 2022: “Comedian Nick Nemeroff dead at 32: Fans mourn ‘sudden’ passing” by The New York Post.[7]

5th July 2022: “Heartbreak as St Helens woman dies suddenly on holiday in Turkey” by St. Helens Star.[8]

6th July 2022: “Tributes paid to young Limerick fan Jordan Fitzgerald who died suddenly on a bus to Croke Park for All Ireland semi-final” by The Irish Sun.[9]

7th July 2022: “Young teacher 34 suddenly drops dead at home leaving behind his two little girls and beloved wife – as grieving loved ones say: ‘Life will never be the same’” by The Daily Mail.[10]

14th July 2022: “My husband died suddenly in the wilderness” by Christianity Today.[11]

18th July 2022: “Portrush death: Police investigation launched after ‘sudden death of man’” by Belfastlive.[12]

22nd July 2022: “Former NFL player Paul Duncan dies at 35” by Newsmax.[13]The first sentence of the article reads “Former NFL player Paul Duncan has died suddenlyat age 35”. Paul Duncan died while running.

Another person who died while running was Dr. Paul Hannam. He died suddenly as the article on 16thJuly 2022 entitled “Well-known Toronto emergency physician dies suddenly while running” by IHeartradio.[14]Four other doctors practising in Canada died suddenly in July. They are Dr. Lorne E. Segall who died on the 17th; Dr. Stephen W. McKenzie who died on the 18th; Dr. Jakub T. Sawicki who died on the 19th; Dr. Shariar Jalali Mazlouman who died on the 23rd and Dr. Candace Nayman who died on the 28th.[15]

27th July 2022: Colombia’s most beloved popular singer Darío Gomez died suddenly and unexpectedly of cardiac arrest. He told his brother that he had been very sick after the third covid vaccine shot as reported by Semana magazine.[16]

[16]“Dario saved us from my dad”: brother of the ‘King of spite’ tells the details of the tragedy that marked the life of the idol (

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