Numerous articles by the mainstream media about sudden and mysterious deaths are being published after the Covid19 vaccine roll out – part 2.

8th July 2022: ““One of NJ’s Best Wrestlers Dies Suddenly at Age 33” by Patch.[1]

8th July 2022: “Heartbreak as mum-of-four collapses and dies suddenly on school run” by Manchester Evening News.[2]

11th July 2022: “Talented young sports star 18 dies suddenly as friends struggle to comprehend her tragic death: ‘I hope you’ve finally found peace’” by The Daily Mail.[3]

12th July 2022: “Netflix actress Busisiwe Luraji dies suddenly at home in South Africa aged 36” by Metro.[4]

13th July 2022: “Top End football community shocked by the sudden death of Tiwi great” by SBS.[5]

15th July 2022: “Happy Mondays star Paul Ryder 58 dies suddenly hours before the show” by The Daily Record.[6]

16th July 2022: “’Sudden and Unexpected’: At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours” by Rair Foundation.[7]

16th July 2022: “Bust Down star and comedian Jak Knight unexpectedly passes away inside his Los Angeles home at just 28” by The Daily Mail.[8]

17th July 2022: “Mum wakes up to find ‘loveable’ husband dead in bed next to her” by Inki.[9]

20th July 2022: “’Brilliant’ dad dies after being found lying in the garden by neighbours” by Liverpool Echo.[10]

21st July 2022: “Hawthorn champion Shane Crawford in mourning as his younger brother and fellow Hawk dies suddenly aged 45” by The Daily Mail.[11]

22nd July 2022: “‘Legendary’ ice cream man loved by generations dies suddenly” by Liverpool Echo.[12]

22nd July 2022: “’Adored’ man 31 who was ‘loved by all’ dies after collapsing at home” by Liverpool Echo.[13]

22nd July 2022: “Mum-of-three found dead at home by daughter 13 after dying suddenly” by Birmingham Mail.[14]

23rd July 2022: “Coventry woman dies at rock music festival” where “22-year-old Charlotte Ayres from Coventry sadly passed away suddenly and unexpectedly overnight” by Coventry Telegraph.[15]

27thJuly 2022: “Mystery death as 9-year-old son of Duchess & Prince Harry’s model friend suddenly passes away” by The Sun.[16]

30thJuly 2022: “Northern Iowa Swimmer Passes Away Cause of Death Not Released” by Unstore. She was only 21.[17]

Local mainstream media is not using “sudden death” in its articles’ titles. There has been only one so far which was that by Lovin Malta of 11thJuly 2022 where we read that “Tributes Pour In After Tallinja Driver Suddenly Dies in Bus This Morning”.[18]

However it is noteworthy to observe that we did have a lot of articles of people who died at the surprise of their relatives which can be seen by the relatives’ comments and posts that the media adds to the article.

We also had a death of 32-year-old Australian woman who died while attending a party on Saturday 16thJuly. Lovin Malta[19]reports that “Everything was going fine until in the early hours of the morning Chyrstal needed to lay down” while partygoers said that they saw her “in medical distress”. She was given CPR on the scene but certified dead that same night.

What is interesting is that Lovin Malta blamed her death without having any information about it at all on some pills which she ingested when in the same article journalist Jonathan Cilia wrote that “Magistrate Claire Stafrace has opened an inquiry into the death and police investigations are ongoing.” How could this media outlet come up with such a conclusion when there is still a magisterial inquiry going on about her cause of death? How come the media concluded such without the result of an autopsy? The woman is described by the same portal “to be full of life and love” and that she was on holiday across Europe. Does this sound like a person who puts her life at risk by ingesting pills?”

It seems that the media drew this conclusion because ““Four people died in Ibiza within two weeks another in Paris a few days ago another two at Pacha Night Club… it seems a batch of bad drugs is going around they are dirt cheap and doing the rounds with some dealers using Fentanyl in their mix.” Do we have any information regarding the vaccination status of all these party goers who died in “medical distress” during partying? Or are these adulterated pills another cover-up for these vaccine deaths?

It is very clear that they have convinced the public through propaganda to believe that a sore throat achy joints and fatigue are completely unacceptable. With the same propaganda they are convincing the public to believe that heart attacks strokes blood clots and sudden deaths are perfectly acceptable. This is the power of mind control brainwashing and propaganda of leftist nefarious predatory toxic individuals operating a government propagandist arm.


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