Now that Malta is stockpiling on monkeypox vaccines the local health authorities are offering herds to line up to take another jab in a span of two years!

This site has already tackled monkeypox in separate blogs at the start of the outbreak. [1][2]

In a statement back in May Fearne had said that we should not be alarmed about monkeypox because “monkeypox is not Covid” and that the closest thing to it is chickenpox”[3][meaning that Covid was a better tool to frighten the people because it works on the “fear of the unknown” since it is invisible. Monkeypox is not. Moreover it is hard to convince nations that monkeypox is serious {if it is} after two years of Covid fearmongering.[4]]

This site had also asked why countries are stockpiling on monkeypox vaccines.[5]Now even Malta has decided to stockpile on the monkeypox vaccines as our mainstream media has reported[6][7][8][9]because so far Malta has recorded 30 Monkeypox cases. It is clear that either the health authorities want to inject more venom in the people’s bodies since the covid-19 scaremongering is not working anymore or they are expecting a rise in local cases. The latter is already happening worldwide.

In the U.S monkeypox cases have surpassed 10 000 with New York Florida Georgia Texas and California being the most states reporting cases.[10]San Francisco has declared a state of emergency over monkeypox.[11]New York’s mayor Mayor Eric Adams has also declared a state of emergency over monkeypox — a move that lets him suspend local laws and enact new rulesto better manage the city’s outbreak.[12]

The Biden administration is also “weighing whether to declare the nation’s monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency and also plans to name a White House coordinator to oversee the response as officials attempt to keep the virus from becoming entrenched in the United States.”[13]

After meeting on June 23rdto assess whether this monkeypox outbreak represents a Public Health Emergency of International Concern the WHO so-called experts decided and ruled that it is not yet a global health.[14]

In that same week Tedros tweeted:
It seems that the New World Order is looking to consolidate its power which also points to its current draft treaty. Of course he said that monkeypox is “clearly unusual and concerning”! With all these monkeypox cases being reported with 32 newly-affectednations[15]where monkeypox was never detected before it is unusual! Doesn’t this imply that this outbreak is linked to the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out considering that the covid-19 vaccines have been administered to all those nations where monkeypox is reportedly a problem? Before May 2022 we rarely heard or seen the word monkeypox mentioned numerous times in the mainstream media. But now we are experiencing the negative effects of injecting an experimental mRNA jab into the immune systems of millions of people.

Is the monkeypox truly monkeypox or is it a cover-up for one of the Covid-19 jab adverse reaction? Are the governments and the WHO trying to keep such a reaction at bay? Could monkeypox be Covid-19 vaccine-induced herpes infection shingles autoimmune blistering disease and other ailments brought on by a weakened immune system caused by Covid-19 vaccination considering that by June 3rd 2022 the CDC had collected 18 026 complaints of herpes and shingle infections that had happened as a result of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections on its Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database?

A month later on July 23rd the WHO declared the monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency. BUT although the “committee members did not reach a consensus regarding their advice on determination of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)” [16]Tedros [who has no medical expertise] took matters in his own hands and decided to call this outbreak a health emergency.

In another blog this site had also asked if the monkeypox is deadly or not[17]and now such deaths are being reported. Brazil[18]and India[19]have witnessed one monkeypox death each so far with Spain being the first European country to report two monkeypox deaths.[20]But are they truly monkeypox deaths or covid-19 vaccine deaths? Is this monkeypox thing another distraction for the masses?

Do you find it odd that every nation that has reported monkeypox instances has also given its populace the covid-19 vaccine? If you don’t I kindly ask that you quit watching the tell-A-LIE-vision and quit reading the mainstream media articles since what they want you to perceive the world to be is wholly false.

I honestly feel that one of the goals with all this is again to instill fear in the people and to further instill blind trust in Big Pharma Gov and co. while driving herds to line up to take again in the span of two years another jab!


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