Climate Emergencies are being declared in order to push the Zero-Carbon policy under the guise of Agenda 21/2030.

The Globalist Elite were clever when they came up with the Climate Change hoax. They started it by bombarding us with the buzzword ‘Global Warming’ a problem which they created so that then as usual they come up with a “solution”. The “solution” is one of “sustainability” the latest buzzword.

In Malta this started coming years ago when we were shifted to “smart meters” and then we started hearing of “smart cities” and “smart cars”. This is how our governments of past and present started pushing this agenda by bringing in slow changes while making people believe that it is for their highest good and for that of the environment because governments must enact policies to bring about the change.

Among such policies we find the creation and retrofitting of sustainable homes investments in wind turbines and solar panels or the building of sustainable transport systems.

And now thanks to the engineered climate ‘emergency’ scenarios courtesy of weather control technology that they possess they can implement all their rules and restrictions (which they call policies) designed to strip people from everything. ABC news just reported that Pacific leaders are about to declare a climate emergency in PIF statement while they praised Australia’s move to lift the emissions reduction target.[1]

One issue with many of the climate emergency declarations is that the emphasis is almost entirely on mitigation policies such as green housing or carbon offsetting. In fact this site has already reported that thousands of Dutch farmers are rallying against the new plans announced by their government which are that of cutting greenhouse gas nitrogen by as much as 70% by 2030 meaning a 40% drop in emissions is expected from farmers and this could result in around 30% less livestock.  The farmers are thus seeing their imminent future falling apart.

Why are the agricultural sectors under attack? Why aren’t industries under attack too? One can only imagine the amount of propaganda it took to make people believe that industries are not the problem.

So now it seems that farmers are the first target in the climate change narrative. Will governments and private companies be asked to comply with the climate agenda by being regulated and taxed into submission too as per Agenda 21?

At least 179 nations have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030[2]as part of Agenda 21 or the UN agenda 21/2030 one of the several agenda items for the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio De Janeiro.

“The agenda included 31 items addressing global social and economic dimensions; conservation and resource management; role strengthening for women children and workers as well as proposed methods of implementation.” It is published under the “document” “Transforming our World – the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development”.[3]The implementation of Agenda 21 is local to each and every nation that signed it.

Agenda 21 is a blueprint stealth global UN plan with local implementation and it makes people think that its “sustainable” goals and developments sound great with recycling and creative reuse while creating energy and food resources for everyone. In reality it is not.

It is a totalitarian state to be developed all around the world because it is the inventory and control plan of all land all water all minerals all plants all food all energy all information all construction all means of production and all human beings in the world. It enables and justifies monitoring metering and restricting our energy and water usage through smart meters and now these smart cities; revamping the school systems by inserting “sustainable” development principles; declaring public lands off limits to humans; changing every land us documented in the nations to require high-density housing in city centres for more control monitoring and surveillance.

Agenda 21 is a global totalitarian state and it is the biggest public relations scam in world history. It is the agenda for the 21stcentury and it is a recipe for destruction.  The three pillars of this plan are Economy Ecology and Equity where everybody is made to think that everyone is going to have equal access to all their needs. But social equity here is about impoverishing huge portions of the population and bringing down the developed nations. Everything that we are looking at now is destined to collapse our economies where major corporations want in this fascist development to be able to have full movement of workers.

Unless the world changes course quickly to unchain itself from this grid to become off-grid the fundamental systems that support human civilisation are at risk.


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