Is the media promoting exaggerated tales in order to push the climate change agenda?

When the Covid-19 hysteria started being winded down the new narrative shifted to climate change thus giving the beginning to climate conditioning of the masses.
If we start with the WHO in June of 2018 the agency published a press release which describes how climate change increasingly affects small countries like Malta.[1]The agenda aims to enhance efforts which would contribute to reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It stated that “Small countries have to deal with climate change consequences such as rising sea levels more frequent and intensive extreme weather events like heatwaves heavy precipitation floods or droughts increasing water scarcity and others. As a result water resources might become less available and water and sanitation services that are resilient to climate change need to be built.”
In fact Lovin Malta and The Shift News took up on this rising sea level issue in their articles “This is what Malta will look like if climate change forces the sea level to rise”[2]and “Rising sea levels could submerge parts of Malta climate change experts warn.”[3]And the Climate Action Ambassador has warned back in August 2021 that life will be tough in Malta unless we make changes claiming that Malta will become a desert within two generations.[4]
If we have a look at more headlines of both local and international media portals we can also see how this climate change agenda is being pushed.
In February 2022 a footage on You Tube stated that “Something unusual is happening on the sun and it’s already affecting us”.
On 12thMarch the Hindustan Times reported that a “Massive solar storm set to strike Earth tomorrow as Sun erupts in fury”[5].
On 6thJune The Sun reported that a solar

flare could hit Earth today sparking a geomagnetic solar storm.[6]

On 18thFebruary Times of Malta reported “Seven dead as Storm Eunice batters Europe.”[7]This is the same storm that has struck UK with 120mph winds causing widespread damage.[8]The same local media portals also reported that “London gets first-ever red weather warning as Storm Eunice hits[9]” and that the army was put on standby as UK braces for Storm Eunice[10].
On the 7thof April Times of Malta reported that Malta has experienced an uncommon weak cold front phenomenon and that Wednesday’s weather felt like walking through a cloud.[11]
On 13thApril Lovin Malta told us to brace ourselves as “Gale Force Winds set to hit Malta and worsen by Good Friday”[12]. This wind has also forced cancellation of several Good Friday processions[13] one of which was that of Naxxar[14].
This same wind persisted for another week when on the 18thof April Lovin Malta reported that “Wind warning issued across Malta as strong northwest gales expected.”[15]
On 14thApril reported that March of 2022 was the coldest one since 1987.[16]
On 1stJuly Lovin Malta reported that a colossal cloud has rolled across Gozo as Malta experienced an “atmospheric” tsunami.[17]This is due to the fact that a heavy fog had descended across Gozo in what this media called in one of its Instagram posts as “surreal weather”. This colossal cloud was also referred by Lovin Malta as “tsunami cloud” which was shown in a video posted on the media’s Instagram profile. That cloud is very typical of what is left in our skies when empty aircrafts spray chemicals in our skies via geoengineering for weather modification.

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Is it possible that media portals are promoting exaggerated and frequently climate-change related tales in order to play up the possible dangers posed by global warming?

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