The scripted handouts given to newspapers with no continuity in this big agenda

One of the, I’ve got a few video links I’ll put up.  Remember, go into for the video links and punch them up.  You’ll see there’s one was from a nurse, a registered nursing assistant I think it was in the States who’s come out and, at the risk of losing his job, and he said he probably will.  But he said he can’t stay silent anymore. Because in this nursing facility where he works for the elderly, these aren’t senile people by the way, he said that too, they were ambulant and they’re talking and so on and he said AFTER VACCINATION, he says, THEY’RE GETTING SICK AND DYING and he can’t keep quiet anymore. And he said, what did the authorities tell them?  Oh, a super spreader must have come through. He said, what super spreader?  He says right up until they get the vaccination, they’re fine and they’re walking around and talking and some of them were joking, you know, and down they go and they’re dying. 

Nursing Home Whistleblower – / 28 Jan 2021

But that’s the handouts that they give to the newspapers, it says some super spreader must have gone through there and, you know, and that it’s probably nothing to do with the vaccinations.  That’s happening across the world right now.  And it can only get worse.  Because it’s written in stone that everyone is supposed to get this jab here.  This is sustainability in action, isn’t it?  Isn’t it really?

I read one article recently there that talked about, oh, it was Norway I think it was, yeah, about the deaths that had been one of the Norwegian homes.  I don’t know how many homes got the vaccinations, but the number went from the 20s to 33, the magic number 33. Then the person who was in charge of their health, you know, for Norway said, oh I don’t think it’s got anything to do, and he says, WE KNOW THEY WERE DYING ANYWAY, these people are dying anyway. Now that, just think back folks.  Even now the whole idea for total lockdown and the destruction of your economies, again from the behavioral insights teams and behaviorists and so on, right, and the SAGE units in Britain, OH, ARE YOU, YOU DON’T WANT TO HELP THE OLD PEOPLE, SO YOU’RE ENCOURAGING OLD FOLK JUST TO DIE BY SPREADING THE VIRUS? Remember that? Well, this is the excuse they’re using, right, for the folk dying after the jab, from the same authorities, OH, THEY’RE DYING ANYWAY. 

Huh?  They’re dying, they can say, oh they’re dying anyway. Why would you be giving vaccinations to folk who are dying?  …when they don’t have any excess…  things ON TOP OF whatever is causing them to die, before you give them the jab…  why would you be closing down economies, crashed, gone forever folks, for most folk, it’s gone.  This is the big agenda here for sustainability, down to austerity, postconsumer society, post individualistic society, that’s where you won’t be allowed to make any decisions for yourself, you see, eventually.  So, you’ve closed it all down because, because folk were dying anyway, he said?  So, when they get your jab and they die, well they were dying anyway, well, why would you close down the entire economy, when that was the excuse to save them in the first place, to close our economies down.  It doesn’t jive, that script, you know.

Bad script.  You have no continuity of script. And it will increase, as I say.  They’ve even talked about how some folk are getting turned into breeders after the vaccination, like fast breeder reactor type things, you know. So what facts are we talking about? They keep talking about science.  What scientific facts are we talking about here?  Vernon Coleman and others have mentioned the same thing, science and facts, what facts? What science?  Science has to be congruent, and it has to be provable and repeatable by experimentation.  You can’t just swap back and forth depending on which way the wind blows that day on the same topic.

So, it’s a big agenda and that’s what we live through.  Most folk will believe it no matter what happens, even if horrible things happen.  Meaning, really, if it really speeds up and folk are really dropping after getting experimental vaccines, never mind the long-term effects for those who survived the short-term.  This is the big agenda. 

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, January 2021]

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