It will get worse and the worse it gets the more the crooks club together

And you will get famine because they’re closing down the world’s farming industry as Bill Gates buys more and more farmland. He’s one of the biggest landowners now.  That’s just coincidence.  They didn’t foresee this coming for goodness sake, ‘eh.  The man who has patents now on different veggie burgers and things.  Even with careful manipulation of figures, ‘eh, and statistics again to try and come up with more deaths than average, say, or average for last year [Alan chuckles.] to the present time, they’re having a hard time struggling trying to find that. Even if you have a few thousand extra deaths, they’ve already admitted that thousands are dying because they can’t get into hospital for other treatments and so on. Maybe that’s the reason you’ve got higher death rates.  There’s always, you’ve got a look at everything folks, you know.  That is happening. There are folk dying at home without painkillers. That did come into the media some months ago, without even painkillers, ‘eh.  They can’t get to see doctors some of them.  But lots are dying at home.  You could go on and on and on, ‘eh, with this agenda. 

The coordination across the world has been overwhelming, and the preplanning and the swearing in to follow this agenda to the bitter end, altogether like a gang of thieves or crooks or worse, ‘eh.  There’s no doubt on that. And as it gets worse, knowing what’s going to happen, they’ll make it happen worse, they’ll force it faster and faster. That’s what they’ll do before they’ll ever back off. They can’t back off now. They can’t do it.  Eventually there’ll have to be some trial for different perpetrators involved as the corruption of so many people involved in the scams that have been going on would come out to light to the public.

What we’re seeing, and this is how genocides happen too, is that the worse it gets the more they club together, the crooks club together.  They’ve GOT to club together, and they would if it came to it, they would, if there’s so much to expose about what’s been happening and who’s been behind so many parts of it, they would rather annihilate you, all of you, than ever admit it and do the right thing and stop before they go too far.  They will give orders to the military to move-in. They will give the orders; well you already see the police in some countries going way overboard and acting the very way that we use to…

You see, this is the whole thing with the Cold War being over.  Under the Cold War, and even before the Cold War, countries used to always point to some other country, their enemy, whether it was a Cold War or not and say, look at all those people, they wouldn’t believe how they treat their people, you know… And they’ve got police states… And the police are brutal… And they swagger around and beat the people up and torture them. When that’s gone, you see, you forget very quickly. Isn’t that amazing?  Do you think they waited this long before they hit you with Covid, and then gave the police authority, to see them swaggering around and attacking, attacking people protesting this?  It depends on who you are, protesting, doesn’t it?  That happened in Toronto recently too. You literally see a swarm of cops diving on ONE person, a swarm of them.  What happened to law and order? What happened to the rules here?

And what happens when some folk can protest, and other folks can’t?… depending on a few other things of course, but it’s rather obvious, isn’t it?  And the cops unfortunately are too keen to get beating somebody up.  Because they can’t be other groups up, so they beat this group up in Toronto recently who were protesting against the lockdowns, right, which is their right. Supposedly.  But you see these cops literally like a swarm.  This is the sort of stuff you used to see in Latin American dictatorships.  Exactly the same.  Not like but exactly like that. You see, exactly like that.  And it’s going to get worse.

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, January 2021]

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