The psychological operation behind Julian Assange – the guy who fooled many (15)

The woman who stated that Belmarsh prison is worse than Gunatanomo and that she saw Assange losing weight is Angela Richter. She is a Berlin-based theater director who has worked with and written about activists such as Assange and Snowden, whom she met in Moscow. She writes for a number of magazines, such as Der Spiegel and Der Freitag. I mean, surely she ought to know more about Guantanomo than she does?

Then we had another woman who said that the only method of communication that Assange had was that of receiving letters. She is Mary Kostakidis, a previous reader of mainstream media news who has since become interested in Russia, Assange, and George Galloway as a prime minister. She is thus completely objective, or no?

Then we had John Pilger. He was a former mainstream journalist who was employed by Piers Morgan and Robert Maxwell at the Daily Mirror. He produced anti-US and anti-UK documentaries in the past, was a frequent on RT, and worked at The Guardian till 2019.

John Pilger (in white) with Hugo Chavez

After learning some information about these people, do you think the statements of these people were naive ones or that they should have known better?

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