Do your own research, stand up and say ‘We’ve had enough!’ (2)

It’s all by design designed so that you are channeled to belong to a group, you see. They target your wish to belong. An individual does not belong. An individual embraces individuality and does not belong anywhere.

It was during the sixties that the blue jeans era came out. Do you think it was just by chance? Or just fashion? This era created the colour blue outfit you see just like you have the blue outfits in Communist China. Do you think I’m crazy? Do your own research. Connect the dots. And then we get the eras of different music with their fashionable outfits too. We go from the rock era with those tight pants and then we get the baggy pants to rebel with. You get the shaved hair as a way to look tough. You are given UNIforms you see. So, to rebel, you are given choices and whatever this choice is, it all boils down to the fact that somebody has designed it for you so that you can choose and belong somewhere. They cultivate in you a sense of belonging, so that you do not grow into an individual. You become part of the mass.

This is the stuff that Edward Bernays, the master of propaganda, talked about – that the ones who copy are being manipulated. The ones that copy do so, so that they can belong. And this same belonging thing is also the same that revolves around ‘the Oneness’ or ‘We are One’ concepts. Now this oneness thing was already talked about in the 1700s, you see. Because the battle in the 1700s, for the first time in history, was that of individuality. Individuals were given a chance to reach the top for the first time, something which was non-existent before. There were no individuality and individual choices before, except for the Elite, for the small ruling class who ruled over the serfs and the peasants. And they still rule over us.

So the battle, you see, has always been for those who could emerge out of the mass [masses] and become true individuals. The communist backlash that was created by the capitalist bankers was to try to get everybody back into the oneness idea and the ‘we are one’ means that there are no individuals and that there are only masses.

That’s why the U.S. stated that its greatest enemy was the individual because individuality had to be stopped. The masses means slavery because in this world, you are either part of the masses under the same rules and laws, and the Big Foot and the UFOs and the Reptilians and all this bullshit, or you’re one of the ruling elite. There is nothing in between.

So stand up to be counted. Be an individual and say ‘Enough! We’ve had enough!’

If not, it all boils down to the outfit that you copy. Even the terminology that you pick up on t.v. when you watch whatever you want to watch for your age group, you are being downloaded by the people who designed the terminology, the dress, the music and all that goes along with it. And these are people you will never meet or see or hear about. But if you talk about these people, you are labelled conspiracy theorist and crazy by the masses who little do they know that they are being manipulated by these same people who see them as cattle, a herd. And these people will never listen, watch or hear anything they sell you.

So stand up to be counted. Be an individual and say ‘Enough! We’ve had enough!’ Do the research and reach your own conclusions. Don’t be led by anyone. Do your history. If you are a true truth seeker, do the ancient history and you will start to piece things together for yourself. No one will and can do it for you.

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