The 13 Ruling Families – the Collins family (5)

“They will kill, or discredit anyone who exposes them. Don’t be surprised if both of these happen to me, the author. Just know this – they can kill the body, they cannot kill the soul. Our Christian God reigns. They also control the CIA and FBI. (See Be Wise as Serpents for more details on this). Many leading FBI agents have not only been Masons, but many have been Satanists. The FBI sends out reports which paraphrased go like this:

‘Far more crime has been committed by zealots in the name of God than has ever been committed in the name of Satan. The actual involvement of the occult in a criminal case usually turns out to be secondary, insignificant, or nonexistent. The law enforcement perspective on occult crime requires avoiding the paranoia that has crept into this issue. Unless hard evidence is obtained and corroborated, police officers should avoid being frightened into believing that satanists are performing criminal ceremonies requiring investigation. An unjustified crusade against such activity could result in wasted resources, unwanted damage to reputations, and disruption of civil liberties.’

This type of thing is hilarious to hear from the FBI, for those who know how they have trampled on every civil liberty by investigating tens of thousands of organizations simply because they opposed the establishment and ruined the reputations of many people – Martin Luther King for instance. People who have read my book may have picked up that J. Edgar Hoover was a 32° Mason, homosexual, and worked intimately with the Illuminati. For those who haven’t come out of Satanism, one way to explain to people how Satanic secrecy functions is to compare these Satanic families with the Mafia families.

Individuals in these families learn what they need to know, no more. The top bosses have cover jobs, and give their orders orally. Actually the comparison between Mafia or Costa Nostra families and Moriah or Illuminati families is quite fitting because they tie in organizationally and were created by the same occult stream of secret societies that Satan has been running. Don’t expect to find what you are reading here about the Collins family – that they are one of the very top Illuminati families even more power than the Rothschilds – anywhere else. People are getting the inside story for the first time. I am grateful for various ex-insiders giving me accounts of secret meetings. Except for the testimony of eye-witnesses, there is little evidence of what happens at hierarchy meetings. There are numerous clues, but they are rejected by most people who refuse to accept that the Satanic hierarchy exists. Before the 1960s, and the space programs, man had not seen the far side of the moon. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t there. The hierarchy are professionals at Satanism and are really pros at obtaining satanic power through ritual, deeds and worldly power. Their activities are very secret. In contrast, there is great deal of physical evidence from the coven levels (the lowest levels) that periodically surfaces – robes, candies made of fat, athames, altars, dead animals, ritual sites etc. The higher levels believe that the force must be balanced – one’s good deeds must match one’s evil deeds. Consequently, some of the greatest philanthropists are leading Satanists. The lower levels are not concerned with developing power such as what Satan has, they simply enjoy being evil, and in that respect are rather crude in their exercise of evil.”

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