Dr Mark Hyman explains how and why milk promotes cancer

“Also, milk may increase your risk of cancer. Now in a very important editorial in a journal of pediatrics in 2013, two of the leading nutrition scientists in the world from Harvard, Dr David Ludwig and Walter Willet, called out the federal government for advising three cups daily of low fat milk for most Americans. And these are not kind of radical vegans. These are people who work at the top levels of Academia who’ve done extraordinary amounts of research basically saying hey, we’ve got it all wrong about dairy.

As we talked about earlier, milk doesn’t promote bone health. Dr Willet and Dr Ludwig noted that it actually may promote cancer. That’s because milk contains a witch’s brew of hormones that may act like miracle growth for cancer cells. For example, the average glass of milk contains 60 different hormones. Now these are not necessarily hormones that are added to the milk. But think about what is milk?

It’s basically a growth food. It’s basically designed to grow babies and grow cows and it’s got all these growth factors and growth hormones in it – anabolic hormones. But it also doesn’t just cause your body to grow but it actually causes cancer cells to grow.

So, it’s kind of bad news.

It also increases something called IGF-1 which is a known cancer promoter – insulin growth factor one. It’s also associated with kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease. And lower levels of people with IGF-1 actually live longer and with lower rates of cancer but milk pushes your rate, your levels of IGF-1 in the wrong direction. So, may have cancer links maybe increase to prostate cancer as well. “

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