Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

I remember years ago reading about weaponry and it was all military documentation, but it was to do with weaponry of all kinds. And biowarfare was mentioned in it. But weaponry is designed, generally, generally to take out the most people, and in one foul swoop… in one fell swoop.  I always say foul, I think foul is a good way of expressing it, but they say fell, because it is foul, isn’t it?  And it’s underhanded, and it’s generally a surprise type, stealth type strike. Especially the quiet weapons, you know, or Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.  Because then the perpetrators, whoever released that bio weaponry as an example, and knowing that it won’t kill everybody, generally there’s nothing really that they’ve put out so far, that we know of, that can kill everybody. There’s always people with different genetic makeups that will somehow be able, or different gene types or pairs of particular genes occasionally that make them resistant to something naturally. But as long as they get the majority of the people crippled, disabled or dead they’re quite happy with it. That’s what actually [Alan chuckles.] that sums up what they say in their manuals, that’s what they’re designed to do.  That’s what the military is for, you know, there’s many ways to cripple people or kill them or maim them.  So, you’ve got to really go into it and understand what’s going on.

So, bio weaponry is a BIG part of their arsenal, has been for a long time.  We knew there was something happening maybe 10, 15 years ago.  We knew when they closed down certain old established bioweapon testing facility bases where they had labs and so on, such as Plum Island off in New York.  They sold it off apparently, the whole island, I don’t know what happened to it, it was auctioned off. But they moved. They mentioned the fact they were building all these level III, bio level III and IV labs across the States, inside the States proper instead. And you really kind of thought, what on earth would you do that for? Because the whole idea, if you get a release, an accidental release, then you would keep it as far away from the mainland as possible. But no, they wanted to have them on the mainland. This is just amazing stuff that was going on back then. Everybody forgets so quickly.

But it’s almost like in preparation for what was to come. Because when you look again at 9/11, and I’ve read the articles that came out of the meetings and hearings after 9/11, and the talks by Rumsfeld and Cheney and all the rest of them that were involved in so-called running the country at the time.  They actually said that EVERYTHING WAS ON THE TABLE TO GO AFTER ENEMIES, INCLUDING THE USE OF BIO WARFARE, BIOWEAPONS, THAT THAT WAS AN ACCEPTABLE PART OF THE ARSENAL THAT WOULD BE ON THE TABLE TO BE USED IF NECESSARY. Well, don’t you think for a second that other nations that you set your sights on aren’t doing exactly the same kind of scenarios? And they don’t have all their out bioweapons facilities? Of course they do!

So, when it came to China, I mean China in their own writings, in speeches by some of their own generals have said the same thing, that they would use bio weaponry on the US if need be. One of their generals actually said, you know, again the article was quite recent. But he was giving a speech in front of the troops, or to the troops and he said that IT WOULD PROBABLY HAVE TO BE USED, IF YOUR ENEMY IS TACTICALLY SUPERIOR because they’re more advanced and more copious equipment and therefore it’s a cheaper way to go for a country that doesn’t have the same ability to attack, you know, for the amount of aircraft or whatever it happens to be at the time or missiles, you name it, THEY WOULD DEFINITELY USE BIO WEAPONRY.  We know again that every country has been involved in what they call race specific bioweapons that are meant to target genetic types through racial differences or racial genotypes.  So yeah, every country out there has been big on that level too.

So, you have no idea, again, as most folk, they don’t, they can tell you all about who’s sleeping with who in Hollywood, you know, and who was in this movie and this TV drama. But this is your life.  You understand that, you’re supposed to know about when things are really happening that matter. But most folk haven’t got a clue!  They’ve gone through their lives like children. That’s exactly what they said in their writings in the 40s and 50s, WE’LL CREATE A PEOPLE WHO ARE PERPETUAL CHILDREN.  And you have them today.  It’s not their fault, they didn’t know they were being trained and indoctrinated like this.  Because again, they trust their governments, ‘eh, as wonderful systems.

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 31 January 2021]

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