Bishop Mar Mari: Book of Revelation Chapter 13 & its relevance to our times – the dragon’s kingdom

“Satan came. Please I beg you. Boys and girls. Sons and daughters. I love you. Please pay attention. Satan came and established his kingdom on earth. Now this kingdom, who is behind it? Satan! Who is Satan? The red dragon in Revelation Chapter 13. Now his kingdom is called the beast. What is a beast? It’s a terrible animal that kills. That’s all it does. It kills. Destroys and kills.

He started this kingdom with the Egyptian Empire. If you look at the old Pharaohs, when they used to put that crown or whatever on their head, what was their symbol? Cobra! Who is the cobra? Who is the snake? Satan. Wow, wow.

What did the Lord Jesus say about Satan? He is the father of all lies and he is the killer of all mankind from the very beginning. So his government that he established on earth lived on the blood of people, sucking their blood, killing people. The Egyptian Empire slained people. The Assyrian Empire slained people. Babylonian slained. Medo-Persian, slained. Greeks, slained. Romans – the best of the best. Go Julius Caesar! Go Augustus Caesar! Go Nero! Wow. Serial killers. Sick mentalities. Nero couldn’t sleep unless he saw a pool of blood in the streets of Rome. He couldn’t sleep. Sick. Why? Satan has given them power. Authority. Throne. Kill! Subdue! Destroy! Enslave!

So he came. Started that system with the Egyptian, 2300 BC. It’s a very old system. This system goes all the way back to the beginning, in heaven. Satan has a lot of knowledge. He’s full of knowledge. He’s full of eyes. He’s very experienced. He’s very old. You can’t win with him. How old are you my son? 20? How old are you my daughter? 18? Do you think you can manage life on your own? When you talk to young people say this ‘I know what I’m doing. Mum and dad, leave me alone.’ You know what you’re doing? Even if you’re 30. Even if you’re 40. Even if you’re 50. Even if you’re a 100. 100 years old compared to thousands of years of knowledge of satanic evil doings, you’re ignorant. You’re a baby. Satan can devour any one of us before we blink our eyes if it wasn’t for the Lord Jesus. All glory to His mighty name.

So he started this empire. He started this governmental system as part of his mountain, on the face of this earth, with the Egyptian Empire. And all these empires that came till the Roman Empire, the sixth one, they were nothing but slaining, slaining, slaining and slaining and killing and destroying people. He’s the father of all lies and he’s the killer of mankind. Wow. The most dangerous things, characteristics of Satan – liar, killer. And you want to befriend him? Where are you going? Oh I’m going to start a city casino. Satan. Where are you going? To King’s Cross. Satan. Where are you going? To Las Vegas. Satan. Where are you going? Clubbing. Satan. Where are you going? Pokers. Satan. Drugs. Satan. Alcohol. Satan. Boys, girls, pornography. Satan. Satan. Satan. Hollywood entertainment. Satan. Satan.

My daughter, don’t change your face. You don’t need to pump nothing in your face. You are beautiful as you are. No laser eyebrows. No fish lips. It’s Satanic. Satanic.

There will be a lot of information next week. So you will have to bear with us until everything comes into clarity. But please, especially to the young ones, to the beloved sons and daughters, life is not a joke. Life is not just going on holidays. Life is not about having fun. Life is not about dancing, jumping, eating, drinking and driving. Life is a responsibility. I beg you. Stick to the Lord Jesus. Hold on to Him. Otherwise we’re all dead.

He makes all the earth to worship – the first beast image. Be careful but we’re going to come to all this in the next couple of weeks.”

You can watch here.

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