The Labour Government manipulative tactics throughout this campaign

Politicians use political manipulation, a sophisticated and multidimensional tactic, to sway public opinion, win over supporters, and hold onto power. The ultimate objective of manipulation of the populace to serve one’s own or a party’s interests is the same, regardless of the many forms it takes, including fear mongering, disinformation, and propaganda. In order to protect democratic processes and make educated judgments, citizens must be aware of the strategies employed in political manipulation.

The Labour Government manipulative tactics throughout this campaign can be seen in his strategy shown throughout its message on billboards:

The government played on the word “saħħa” to mean “health” and “empowerment.”

So, the government, your Big Daddy, is giving you the “power” which you have always had as it is innate but which was taken away from you with your unconscious and maybe conscious permission, so that you feel that you are in control. This is a tactic whereby the government took advantage of emotional triggers, to make you feel important, powerful and part-and-parcel of the decision making mechanism. Appealing to the public’s emotions is a popular strategy employed in political manipulation. In this case, the government used “optimism” to change public opinion. But in reality the message here was that you are to blame for bringing forth its agendas because it is “bis-saħħa tiegħi” that matters are rolling. And yet, you took the bait.

And this was never scrutinised by the PN strategists.

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