The Labour government, GIMAS, and wind turbines – foreign investment, destruction of the Maltese worker, Malta’s open space and the environment

Four days ago we read that GIMAS, a Turkish company, will be manufacturing turbine parts in a factory it will build in the industrial area of Hal Far.

We get the usual investment for the economy bullshit. GIMAS will be investing €7.5 million to build this factory but you must be grateful, because thanks to another business sold to foreigners, 44 new jobs will be generated (meaning that more foreigners are flooding this little island because jobs are created for them) tied to the usual education bullshit goal since it will be setting up an academy to train more workers in specialized fields. The parts of the turbine that will be built will be used in wind farms. And obviously, we have another “open space” being taken up by another monster factory. If it is not a monster apartments, it is a factory.

Prime Minister Robert Abela, who has clearly become another globalist puppet and a demi-monde of the EU and the UN, announced this investment and said that the new works will be “green jobs” and that this is linked to the Government’s initiative that focuses on sustainable development “with which climate change will be used as an opportunity instead of another challenge.” How many lies and utter gibberish with the “green” and “sustainable” nonsense. Whenever you hear these words, remember you are hearing from the New World Order.

The Labour government is surely doing the bidding of the EU, the UN and the globalist Elite with Abela adding that this disgusting government is working to diversify the Maltese economy by focusing on the sectors of innovation, technology and clean energy in a “culmination of the National Policy on Offshore Renewable Energy and our economic policy” in a world which is all about corruption, evil agendas, economy, power, and money.

The Minister of the Happy Land of the Ta’ Xbiex apartment, Silvio Schembri, also parroted the same bullshit, admitting to you that the government is making sure to keep on selling Malta to offshore businesses and that more foreigners will flood Malta as he is confident that more companies are opening their doors in Malta, while screwing all of you. And to make sure that you are fully screwed, he hopes that this year would be a record year for increasing foreign direct investment in Malta but please be grateful, because these investments will offer more quality jobs for the Maltese who would enjoy better wages.

The truth is that wind turbines are not green at all. As Scottish author Neil Oliver put it, “Wind farms are preceded by the wholesale clearance of all the wildlife on the site. Everything that crawls or flies or swims is moved out in boxes. So it’s a completely sterile field that they raise those turbines in and the turbines are anchored in vast plugs of concrete. Concrete being one of the most ungreen products a person could even dream of making in terms of its constituent ingredients and the amount of energy that it requires to make it.”

Now here is what ex-climate alarmist Tom Harris had to say about wind turbines:

“Wind turbines require enormous amounts of steel and iron. A windmill would need about a hundred times more steel and other materials to generate the same electrical capacity as a gas fired fossil fuel plant. This is a huge expense and has devastating environmental impacts. Even after the wind turbines are installed, they require a back-up fossil fuel plant that continues burning 90% of the time, making the wind turbine largely unnecessary and in essence, just for show. Looking into more details into the Alex Epstein’s book, The Moral Case for fossil fuels, we can see that compared to gas fired power plants, windmills also need 100 times more mining of ores and coal; 100 times more power for smelting, forging, and casting; 100 times more cement and excavations and destruction of forests and hills and 100 times more transportation and installation costs. This is a far cry from the environmentally friendly image that is presented to the public.”

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