Scottish Author Neil Oliver on the ‘climate crisis’

Neil Oliver is a Scottish television presenter and author. He has presented several documentary series on archaeology and history, including A History of Scotland, Vikings and Coast.

Here is what he had to say about the

“Before, during, and after the war in Ukraine, the authorities lied about the climate. They’ve been lying about the climate for years. The climate crisis, world at Boiling Point, rising sea levels, dying polar bear, the works, it’s all lies. None of it’s about saving the planet. None of it’s about ecology in any true sense of the words. Renewable energy – that’s another scam. Saying green energy is kind to the planet is a lie. Green’s just a color. They’ve just painted that lie green so trying and get away with it. Wind farms are preceded by the wholesale clearance of all the wildlife on the site. Everything that crawls or flies or swims is moved out in boxes. So it’s a completely sterile field that they raise those turbines in and the turbines are anchored in vast plugs of concrete. Concrete being one of the most ungreen products a person could even dream of making in terms of its constituent ingredients and the amount of energy that it requires to make it. Electric vehicles are made using the energy from fossil fuels and they’re powered in the main with electricity generated by burning more fossil fuels.”

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