“Hi. This is Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how everything is coming together at this moment, the ongoing wars that are prepared to go in and possibly decimate a whole people because of a few at the top, they claim it is a great thing. You save the people by killing all the people. I’ve never really ever figured that one out, but then I’m not a psychopath. Back home, of course, they’re pulling the rug from the U.S. citizens. I’ve said it all along. I’ve said it for years, as the U.S. finishes off its job of standardizing the world, they’ll take down the system back home as well financially and that’s happening already. Don’t ever, ever believe the nonsense they’re giving us that they didn’t foresee the fact that all the big oil companies (which were part of the whole system) saw them going over to the Euro instead of the dollar. Of course they do. These guys planned all this 50, 100 years ago. They knew exactly what’s going on and it’s time to take the U.S. citizenry down as well and also bring them into their Brave New World.

Before I go on to our caller, I’d like to into this hype about the Avian flu. Now the Avian flu I’ve no doubt is a hybrid flu made in laboratories like most flus have been, and bingo, there’s stuff coming out all the time and being declassified that they were working on viruses as far back as World War I and no doubt that’s where the Spanish Flu came from. It didn’t originate in Spain at all, but that’s where the troops were coming back through Spain after World War I and they brought all this back home with them. What was amazing at the time, it was all the troops that brought the viruses back with them that had a particular inoculation. That was the little part in the detective story. It’s not hard to figure out but they’ve dug up this particular flu, altered it again and that’s been on the CBC television here. They dug up bodies from the permafrost in Northern Canada and they’ve got live viruses. They were very successful. They’ve altered it again. I’ve no doubt it’s part of this Avian flu they’re going to release one day.

However, the OCC, which is a U.S. governmental department, they authorize this department to take care of banking, has sent out a form to all their employees. It’s mainly for the treasury departments and this came out Wednesday, today, the 7th and it says: ‘Protection Against Avian Flu. The OCC needs your opinion about your willingness to prepare for and take the antiviral drug Tamiflu in the event of an outbreak of the avian flu caused by the H5N1 virus. The agency is considering a multimillion dollar investment to purchase drug for all employees and their families and to make arrangements for individuals to get the medical evaluations required for the prescription drug to be issued.’

It goes on about the antiviral effects of this particular flu and the drug. It says: ‘Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that can reduce transmission of the virus or even prevent infection in addition to lessening the impact of the virus after an individual has been infected administered orally, in capsule or liquid form. Being prepared for an outbreak of the avian flu requires the agency to act now and requires OCC employees to understand and support the decision.’ If you want your job you’ll support it of course.

‘This potential OCC investment only makes sense if the majority of the staff agree to get the necessary medical evaluation and obtain the Tamiflu prescription in the coming months and then use it as directed if avian flu strikes.’ It goes on and on to tell them how to convince their families and all the rest of it and to get it before the end of November if possible. This Office of Comptroller of the Currency was created by the Congress. They ‘charter national banks to oversee nationwide systems of banking institutions and to ensure the national banks are safe and sound.‘ That’s the OCC that’s sending it out to all their employees now. I have no doubt something probably will come down the way when it’s time and all hell will break loose because you’d would have an economic depression. You’ve got to have some sort of plague breaking out and you’ll be at war at the same time. Three things in a row. What’s better than that?

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]


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