“When we see someone driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, we don’t use it in a formal, kind of way but in a slang way we say, ‘Man, this guy is so lucky.’ Really with that word ‘lucky’ we’re really trying to say, ‘how blessed is this guy that is driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.’ When we see somebody living in a mansion, we say, ‘Wow, how blessed are they.’ Why do we say ‘blessed’? Because, look what they have. What they have gives them whatever they want. They are blessed. They have what I can’t afford. The ultimate.

John the Beloved is saying, ‘Blessed are you.’ You’ll be driving a Ferrari if you listen to this word. You’ll be driving a Lamborghini if you hear this word and you live in a mansion and you’ll be like a god on earth if you believe in this word and keep it. Number one, if you read the word: ‘Blessed are you if you read it, if you hear it, if you keep it.’ Well, the first thing you read. When you read, you hear. And when you hear, you need to keep. What is keeping? Meaning – doing by it. So when we read it, you hear it and then you have to implement it in your life because what you accept, you need to put in action. What you’ve received, and accepted, and believed in, you need to reflect it in your daily life and your deeds. You need to show that you have taken the word on board; you have absorbed it and you believed in it. You have accepted it. Since you accepted it, you have to acknowledge it. Acknowledging is keeping the word, meaning putting it into action.

I’ve said once, on several occasions I’ve mentioned this, when we read especially in the Book of Proverbs, to King Solomon, you’ll find three words always being together: Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom. Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Especially when you read the Book of Proverbs which is the Book of Wisdom, you’ll see these words always together: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Knowledge: equal to it, information. Understanding: comprehension. Wisdom: application. Firstly, you hear the word, you receive information. When you receive the information, you need to understand the information – comprehend it. Because, if you receive something and you do not understand it, it will go from one ear to the other. But when it comes through this ear and you comprehend what you have heard, then it will stay in your head. So, when you receive the information you hear it. Then you need to comprehend it. Once you comprehend it, and understand it, you need to apply it – application – and when you apply it in your life, then you are wise. When you’re wise, blessed then are you.

Blessed then are you.”

You can watch the sermon here.

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