Alan: Now I think we also have another New Hampshire caller here. It’s Vernon in New Hampshire. Are you there?

Vernon: Yes I’m here Alan. Alan: How are you doing?

Vernon: Not so bad. How are you doing this evening?

Alan: I’m just surviving in this cold weather.

Vernon: Yes, I feel we all are trying to survive in the matrix. I have three things, three topics I’d like you to elaborate on because I heard that the Global Electronic Net which is connected to the HAARP has been tested on us. Another topic is about the economic collapse of the United States and the third one is about that coming pandemic which they’re about to leash upon the public of North America, so I would like you to elaborate a lot more on it.

Alan: There’s no doubt about it. They’ve used the HAARP on the public. In fact, I think it was the people or the government of Maine had taken something out against the U.S. federal government because they were the first ones to at least admittedly to be tested on without their knowledge. They used HAARP technology on them and they were pulsing the scalar weaponry on them. This was back in I think in the early ’90’s and all the social services, police departments and hospitals were taking notes of types that were coming in. What was happening to the people and they found that by altering the frequency they can make them very depressed or very anxious. They found that domestic animals were biting their owners for the first time, things like that, so behavior alterations it was causing and that was tested there.

We know also Dr. Nick Begich put a lot of good information on it. There’s even been programs with him on television CBC Canada where they visited at least one of the reporters visited the HAARP facility in Alaska and you saw all these antennas arrayed on the ground level, hundreds of them and they are using it. Now you can pick it up on shortwave radio because it beams within the shortwave frequencies and you can pick these shortwave radios up at some of the Radio Shack’s and Circuit Cities pretty cheap, but in different frequencies there you’ll hear this [vo-vo-vo] sound. Very powerful sound and this is going on 24 hours per day now.

As far as the economic system goes, yes, that’s meant to really turn down the whole system into panic. Gradual control panic of course and out of it is to come a new currency. We get trained along a path to accept something until we plead for them to help us, and bingo, they come out with what they wanted to give you in the first place. They always get us to demand what they want to give us and that will come with the new Amero to be given out eventually in the U.S. at the right time, but not before your standard of living plummets for a while.

Then the pandemic, yes, there’s no doubt about it. Pandemics are beautiful. I was going to read Thomas Malthus tonight who wrote a book in the 1700’s on population control and what he called the positive factors that help with population control. In amongst the positive factors he had the Black Plague and putting people in swamps to live where you build houses and put them in areas like that, crowded conditions, big cities or towns with crowds of people put in them, he said were all conducive to be positive factors on population reduction. This is an old thing and this came from a member of the British elite, Thomas Malthus. His theories are still used today by those at the top, so we shouldn’t be surprised that these psychopathic types are still running the show. The Darwin family was exactly the same through Charles Galton Darwin who wrote his book in the 1950’s, ‘The Next Million Years’. He backed up Thomas Malthus and all his theories and said why they’d have to kill off so many of the public and so many of the useless eaters and what he called the inferior types. The inferior types being anyone who didn’t have noble blood basically; so that’s true, it’s all coming together at the same time. Very old plan and the only problem they had was to herd us along into this big sheep pen slowly, slowly, slowly through crisis and fear and keep us entertained as we’re doing it too.

Vernon: Okay. I think I’ve got one more added to that list. I want to ask you what scenario you see they’re planning to use to implement that National ID card which they really want desperately to give the public?

Alan: It could be done either through the next war, this ongoing war I should say, the next phase of it, for your own safety you understand; or it could even be put out through the pandemic. I know that in Britain they said that the ID card that they brought out already there has the capacity to do all your banking. All your banking is to be done through that one card eventually and your medical health and everything through it. It all ties in together and it’s the same company that’s made cards for Canada that gets them next year when the states get them too.

Vernon: Okay. So we’re in for like a really, really like hellish time right now coming up now?

Alan: There’s no doubt about it. Up here in Canada you’re paying $1.16 per liter. There’s almost four liters to the gallon and so we’re paying $1.16 per liter and the U.S. gas is way down. It’s been kept down artificially. Most of the gas you’re using in the U.S. is not from anywhere else except Canada. Alberta produces mostly U.S. gasoline. We’re paying more in Canada than you are in the states, so you’re being subsidized at the moment, but that will get pulled off eventually.

Vernon: Actually we’re paying $2.92 as of today in New Hampshire for gas.

Alan: That’s still cheap for us.

Vernon: Worldwide it’s getting like really, really screwed up now.

Alan: That’s right.

Vernon: Okay. I’m going to let you go. It was nice talking to you Alan.

Alan: Well you take care.

Vernon: All right. Bye.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]

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