Has Saviour Balzan’s media portal Illum’s campaign against educators something to do with Saviour Balzan?

On the same day that a ‘staff reporter’ published the insulting article about educators and their supposed pay rise, Saviour Balzan’s Illum published another article titled ‘Numru ta’ tfal bl-awtiżmu għad ma jistgħux imorru skola’ [A number of students with autism still cannot attend school]. I will not go through this article but I just want to pinpoint their caption above their article, before I move to the next points I want to ask. Their caption says:

“Minn flessibilita’ ta’ waqfiet, għal għalliema li ma jafux kif jaddottaw it-tagħlim għal tfal bl-awtiżmu, l-edukazzjoni Maltija għadha mhix lesta takkomoda bosta studenti b’diżabilitajiet li jfixklu t-tagħlim bħal awtiżmu jew ADHD severa.”

[From the flexibility of breaks, to teachers who do not know how to adopt learning for children with autism, Maltese education is not yet ready to accommodate many students with disabilities that hinder learning such as autism or severe ADHD.]

It seems like there is an orchestrated campaign against educators. But why all this hatred towards teachers?

Saviour Balzan, since Illum is part of Mediatoday of which you are the editor, founder and co-owner, why is your media orchestrating and fuelling a campaign of hatred towards educators?

Saviour Balzan, by any chance, has it to do with the fact that your own mother was a teacher and you have some unresolved, psychological issues with teachers because of it?

Saviour Balzan, by any chance, has it to do with the fact that you yourself was a non-qualified teacher, teaching at the independent and private school of St Edward’s but who wanted to be paid like a qualified one and failed? Is it the reason why the article of your media portal was all about being supposedly ‘concerned’ about independent schools?

Saviour Balzan, by any chance, has it to do with you trying to create an internal union to serve your wishes and needs, so now you are on a vengeance spree against MUT and educators?

Saviour Balzan, or is it that by some mysterious magic, you are serving your masters who pay you really well?

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