In this piece I am going to repeat what I wrote in one of the blogs in the series about the Fabian Socialists and their movement titled, ‘The Fabian Socialist Movement – inflation is the economics of addiction.’

“Inflation has been called ‘the economics of addiction.’ It resembles a drug addict. In order to get the same kick, a man who shoots heroin needs to consistently have a greater jolt. Thus, inflation is similar in that the government must continuously increase the money supply at a very high rate in order to maintain the status quo and prevent a depression.

Governments are then faced with a conundrum. They will experience a recession or depression if they cease the inflation. What distinguishes a depression from a recession? Think about them like this. When your neighbor loses their job, it’s a recession; when you lose your job, it’s a depression. Recessions are the new term used by governments to make them sound less terrible than depressions. However, if one begins to inflate, one must continue to do so even as conditions worsen and worsen. People then clamor for controls since greater taxes, rationing, and regulations are a result of inflation. Subsequently, the government will discuss raising taxes in an attempt to remove the money from circulation—a move that is obviously fraudulent. The governments would be claiming that they would seize your money and use it for their own purposes. Because spending the money is a good thing in the eyes of the government. It is a nasty kind of thing if you spend it. You are under the authority of the government. However, the order should come from the people to the government, not the other way around.

History teaches us that the government must halt the printing press in order to prevent inflation, thus regulations are futile. They had to take the money machine down. The budget needs to be balanced. The nation will enter a recession if they take that action. Politicians view unemployment as a greater evil than inflation, and they could care less about the outcome as long as the cauldron blows up when they are gone from government. So they give it to the next round of political folks. They make an effort to maintain it in some capacity until they leave office.

Do you remember the 25 years of GonziPN administration and its flaws? And can you add the flaws of this Labour administration? In lieu of what you have learnt about the Fabian Socialists and the economy theory of Fabian Socialist John Maynard Keynes, would you be able to conclude, after analysing both parties, that both parties are Fabian Socialists and that they both endorse the said economic theory? Did you realize that no matter the change of administrations, there can never be a start with a clean slate because a new administration inherits what the old administration leaves? Do you see the same mechanisms of the Fabian Socialist John Maynard Keynes economic theory in both parties? Can you go back, read the whole series published here, and pinpoint them? In addition, the Labour government considers itself a socialist and is all out endorsing the liberal agenda. We have seen how Fabian Socialists have deceived the public through liberalism. So, is the Labour Government a Fabian Socialist? Do we have both parties who are Fabian Socialists? Do you know how bad such implications for Malta are? Do you realise that you are being sold two parties as being two coins, when truly they are two sides of the same coin? Who are the Fabian Socialists in both administrations? Do we have appointed bureaucrats in local bureaucratic offices who are Fabian Socialists too? Since the Fabian Socialists are tied to the Illuminati, or are their subordinates, do you understand where we are going and where are they taking us?

Thus, when the other party goes on a binge, one party chooses to embark on another binge rather than recovering from the hangover. And so it continues until the object finally destroys itself. However, you are the ones who suffer throughout the entire process—you are the ones who continue to elect the same government in order to avoid accountability, since you were ultimately instructed to carry out your duty and make a false decision.”

Do you think that voting one or the other will take you somewhere, nation? Do you understand that with the ballot box, as the Fabian Socialists had figured out, you are ushering in the global system that the Elite want?

Wake up popolin because you are being conned by both parties!

Qum poplu u ħallik mill-meetings u biex ixxejjer il-bnadar!

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