“Of course no deception was a definition of conspiracy that that word does mean it’s best made academic joke now because the CIA back in the Kennedy assassination set to put out the term conspiracy to brand all people who were questioning things, the official reports as nut cases and this whole problem about the day of course with was happening the world war or by the Conspiracy Movement and unfortunately that made sure the conspiracy movement as a co-head has been completely diluted and to be made into a complete laughingstock adding all the space aliens and whatever goes with it and shadow people in all this nonsense that put into it. And so it’s all laughable you see, so laughable. That’s counter intelligence that’s what you call it but but the definition of conspiracy is two or more people meeting in secret to plan, to make a plan which they’ll follow through on, which would be detrimental and against the wishes of all those that will affect, meaning the jail population that’s exactly what it is with this let’s create a little a little Commission you see a community and then you take over whole nations you see under a European Union then yeah a far eastern Pacific Rim group as well set up by the CFR groupers again since the World War Two and the one for North American Union as well it’s all one group running the world, running it properly mind you, and they’ll give you a new idea of democracy. You still think you’re a Democrat, well you know love getting your rights and giving these rights and so forth. Know that their democracies is all about the benefit all the people folks and if you can’t plan on surviving even economically you ain’t gonna be a happy camper, you know and neither would your children if you can afford them. Mind you they have all these social plans or pre-planned because once they have risen to their heights and you see in all directions as you push the different groups to ban willy-nilly as you call it, procreation for children and eventually only certain folk will be given authorization to breed you see because eugenics is a big big part of the elites belief system and historical system as well as mentioned and you can read in any history books and even in religious books – and for that matter. So we’re living in a make-believe world planned by think tanks and and pushed and implemented through their institutions including educational systems, all standardized through United Nations groups and so on. It is quite something. It really is something – you admire them men of vision as I said they call themselves. The general public, the silent majority cared rested easy but they seen their own words as well they come you know they breed and you know they had and they go off and do their own things and they’re kind of happy and blah blah and their children grow up and hopefully take over blah blah but they don’t do it in with their lives really it’s only as guys and movers and shakers that matter to the boys at the top. The movers and shakers – the guys who are bold and they have a quest in a mission. They are men of vision and they do things audaciously, things that the general population members would never do or think about – they’ll do it, you see, including causing wars if need be.

So how can you possibly compete with that, with any other system of course, especially when you have a system that’s given the reality to all those around you? And very well implemented too because the general population would tell ‘I don’t want to hear that. It is truly hard.’ They are trained already like Sunstein said about his pals in neuroscience have the Train Society with the default positions. So certain things are mentioned and a great part of the followers would say ‘I don’t want to hear that, I don’t want to hear that.’ You see, obsess them.

Total war means total war and the first one which we must get is complete domination of the mind. That’s so important.”

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