In this piece and the few which will follow, we will tackle other blurbs from Alan Watt, when he used to host a radio programme on BRN station, for which he was not paid. This particular blurb was recorded on 17th October, 2007.

This is Alan Watt on Cutting Through the Matrix. I always suggest for newcomers to look into for lots of histories on how the world is being taken step by step through wars and through a chessboard game to the global system of fascism, which is showing its fists right now. The iron glove or the fist is there underneath the velvet glove and the velvet glove is torn in shatters. I also ask people to look into for downloadable transcripts in the various languages of Europe. When I talk about fascism, I’m not kidding because people should realize and study and look into this system and the various systems that have discussed about 40, 50 years ago — fascism, communism and all the isms, because they all really come from the same roots. Going through Charles Darwin and the ‘survival of the fittest’ throwing religion out the window, which is about the only thing that really kept it under wraps. They had to put some show of some sort of welfare out there for religious purposes. That was done away with too, pretty well under the fascist system we’ve been living under. Fascism is really the merger of corporate interests with politics, and we’ve been under this system for a long time, including the European countries in fact. It goes back a long ways and there’s nothing new.

People today who are coming out of school seem to think that democracy has always been here. We never really had it and it’s not here anyway. The reality is corporate interests always came first. If you look into politicians, you’ll find that they either have been all involved as corporate CEOs or affiliated with them and they’re in and out of politics and back to the CEO positions like musical chairs. That’s called fascism. The corporate powers dictate and tell us all which direction we’re heading into, it’s not hard to guess, it’s a totalitarian system where as they’ve said in their own writings over many years that we’ll be run by experts. The average person will be born, if they have a need for you that is. If they don’t have a need for you, you won’t be born. You’ll be trained in a position to serve the world state. Look into the United Nations charter and the United Nations talks about this ‘serving.’ It’s all to do with service.

Tonight I’m going to talk about the European Union, because it’s the precursor for the rest of the blocks, these big trading blocks to follow. I’m going to read a little bit from Sir James Goldsmith’s book. Sir James Goldsmith was a man who helped champion the British corporate interests for years. He was all for the union for many years and worked hard towards it. He pulled out towards the end when he saw the direction in which it was going and he formed a society to try to pull Britain back out of the union. He was just getting popular and he came across to the U.S. and spoke to the U.S. Senate, warning them in one of the most eloquent speeches I’ve ever heard, fantastic orator, warning them of all the dangers that lay ahead and what they’d go through if they had the NAFTA agreement and the GATT agreement go through. All the senators agreed with him but they all voted to go along with it anyway, which tells you who was putting money in their pockets: the big corporate interests. James Goldsmith suddenly came down with a fast acting cancer of I think it was the pancreas, a very popular one for assassinating people, and he died within about four or five weeks of diagnosis. His book is called ‘The Trap.’ Sir James Goldsmith has a question and answer with a man called Yves Messarovitch who was the Economics Editor of Le Figaro. On page 68 of this book, I’ll read a little bit here. Here’s what it said. It’s what James Goldsmith says: ‘Maastricht…’

That’s where they signed the agreement for basically to bring in the whole of Europe together under this fascist system. ‘Maastricht seeks to create a supranational, centralized, bureaucratic state…” Alan: Now remember the U.S. and Canada and Latin American countries have to follow suit. We’re already on the way.’ _. Jt would destroy the pillars on which Europe was built—its nations. It would convert Europe into one multicultural space, in which national identities would be fused and sovereignty abandoned. It would coerce ancient European nations to merge into the ultimate artificial state. As George Orwell remarked, it is characteristic of intellectuals to pass over in incomprehension the dominant political passion of the age. Today, that passion is the search for nation identity. And this is the moment when European ruling elites are seeking to destroy the identity of every European nation.” Here’s the question that follows: “How is it that the peoples of twelve European nations have agreed to this?” Here is Sir James Goldsmith’s answer. This is a man who was involved in setting up—now listen to what he says. ‘The European Union was built in secret: not through carelessness of casualness, but in a deliberately planned and skillfully executed manner.

That’s right from the horse’s mouth.”

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