In lieu of the upcoming MEP election, this series will discuss what the EU is and what its evil agenda is. It is taken from a blurb by Alan Watt on August 2, 2015, where he discussed the history of the EU. In this blurb, Alan Watt, who, I remind you, was a Scottish-Canadian long-term researcher, and had a programme on RBN radio, talks about what Jean Monnet wrote.

“Here I have an article by Jean Monnet from France, who was a member too, and he, given he came from an incredible rich family, as his name would suggest ‘Monnet’ and so close to money. And he became a top banker with the League of Nations after World War I and made a massive killing off of that and the loans countries were handing out to different countries involved in World War I. And he also did not believe that democracy would work. The people were too fickle. In other words, it isn’t like the idea of breaking your own opinions and ideas about things you want to standardise the world too. So, he helped create this idea to work towards a European Union. He also knew, because of the big wars, to bring them to their knees, and that’s why you had two world wars.

Now, how did these particular founders of the European Union get the Union in the first place? How did they bypass the governments of nations to create this and to go back into their history? It says the European Union is a geopolitical entity carrying a large portion of the European continent. It is founded upon numerous treaties. What you are getting more passed on now is free trade treaties and so on, which naturally means supernational bodies had to be developed to make new laws. As is an ungrown, undergone expansion of taking it from six member states to twenty-eight as distinct from my ideas of a federation, confederation, or customs union. The main development of Europe depends on a supranational foundation and lead the guys they used for a booze to make war unthinkable and materially impossible. Interdependence—you’ve heard that term over and over again. This and reinforced democracy—well, that’s the lie part because I don’t really believe if and what you think is democracy. And it goes on up to different links up to the European Declaration and so on. The principle was at the heart of the European Coal and Steel Community. That’s how they first started it. But getting big international corporations to amalgamate together and to a community—not a federation – but a community, you see. And that was called the ESSC in the Treaty of Paris 1951, following the Schumann declaration – anti-litter, the Treaties of Rome establishing the European Economic Community. So private magnus from this corporation basically. And that started off the European Economic Community. And then the European Atomic Energy Community had joined it, you see.

Then, remember getting back to the Lord Alfred Milner group.* They wanted the system of world domination to be run on the British system of how Britain was already dominated by this empire at that time, with a small group of people in London running the whole show. And they also called themselves in so secretive terms that they didn’t want the public didn’t even know they existed that time. They were behind so much including the Boer War and they drummed up from the Boer war times, propaganda erupted WWI against Germany to get people ready to go to war with Germany because they wanted a world war again to bring fall to their knees. And that’s probably the reason they’ve given in the Europe Declaration for the European Union for us as creation to make war unthinkable, sounds quite naturally for us, a good idea, but they didn’t tell you they helped cause the wars in the first place, and profit mentally from them, all the corporations involved and private individuals. So, they formed a community, which well, they called a European Community, you see, now. So, it goes from European Coal and Steel Community to the European Community, a political entity, you understand? And yet, from there to there, a political entity, you must form supra national bodies that eventually duplicate everything, national governments do, but departments, until you are the supranational government. And that’s how they did it. Clever, eh? And they are going to the next phase now amalgamation with Canada, the US/Mexico, another country which is not America and and select currency in Japan and bring them into the next part of the treaty – a trans-pacific partnership for this new supra national community, which is government basically.

And they wrote about this again through their own historical records by their own historians who published them. Amazing, isn’t it? But you won’t hear it in the mainstream media because the mainstream media mostly taught reporters all belong to this private organization. And the whole intention was never to let the public know what was actually ever really going on. It’s clever the way, you got to admit it, the all-deception of course. All deception.”

*The Round Table Movement

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