The 13 Ruling Families: the Astor Family (4)

“Just like the Rothschilds, DuPonts, and Rockefellers, the Astors always set one of their Astor males as the head of the entire family. This headship is passed down as a birthright within the different branches of the family, just as any king passes on his throne. On the corner of 33rd St. and 5th Ave. (the site later became the site of the Empire State Building), the original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was built by William Waldorf, et. al. The hotel opened in Mar. 1893. It is described as ‘the ultimate in snob appeal.’ Later, two Astor cousins built the Astoria (another even taller elite hotel) in New York, which opened in 1987. Of course, like many of the other elite families, the Astors have their Maine property to get away and relax.

In 1894, John Jacob wrote a novel ‘A Journey in Other Worlds’ where he describes a society which operates on the idea of conserving energy. Strange how the elite likes to promote conservation among us ‘cattle.’ In the late 1800s, the Illuminati began to reconfigure its outward face. The higher levels started creating innocent sounding cover organizations to hide their meetings behind. In 1901, the Astors contributed toward the creation of the Pilgrim Society, which was the cover organization for Amer. & Brit. 6 Degree Princes of the Illuminati. I believe at least five Astors are now members of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrims had recently included David Astor, John Jacob Astor, 8th, and William Waldorf Astor 3rd. And during the 1970s, Baron Astor of Hever was the president of the London branch of the Pilgrims. This implies the next level up in the chain of command.

The Astors also have been very prominent in the group, which is Britain’s equivalent to the Skull & Bones Society, In Britain, the Astor, along with about 20 other families, dominate the group, just as certain families like the Whitneys in the U.S. help dominate the Order of Skull & Bones. Again, as was earlier pointed out, the key to understanding Satanism is the bloodlines. In 1910, the muscle and bone branches of the Illuminati reconfigured themselves with the creation of the Round Table groups in 1910. The Astors were the part of the financial backers behind the Round Table groups, along with Abe Bailey. Rhodes and Milner were key players in setting up ‘the Society of the Elect’, a supersecret top circle of the Illuminati. Rhodes Trust, in part helped by the Astor, helps finance the Rhodes Scholarship system. Rhodes, a high ranking freemason, wanted the masonic claptrap as part of these various new groups, but Milner and Brett did away with the masonic rituals and costumes, etc.”

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