Alan: “Now I think we have Don from North Carolina on the line. Are you there, Don? Hello Don.

Don: Hi Alan. Could you comment on Warren Buffett? Do you know if he is a Rothschild agent?

Alan: Personally, this is my take on things, I think anybody who’s been in that game of politics and in that position for years, they belong to the system, the system that is not the people’s. It’s a lifelong career with these people. You hear their names your whole lifelong and if they haven’t changed anything by now, why would you think they’d change anything for the better in the future? I tend not to fall into the leader category, chasing leaders and praising them. I’ve lived too long to see the same cons in every country and they always give us the knights in shining armor that say all the right things until they get into power. That’s been the history of politics for as long as you can go back. We’ve got to stop looking for knights in shining armor and realize that we are the people and we are the ones who are supposed to advise them on what to do, but we never get asked for advice. In fact we’re dominated really by a system and that’s the beauty of party politics. The dialectic is right in the game of party politics. It’s a lifelong party for these guys, as you can tell by the color of some of their noses. They belong to a party. They don’t represent the people. They literally belong to the party and everyone wants to get up the ladder within that party, so the man at the top — as long as you control the man at the top, the rest of them are like trained seals, they clap for him. That’s what Professor Carroll Quigley said in his own book ‘Tragedy & Hope. He said “we don’t have to own all the politicians for The Council on Foreign Relations for this agenda. He says ‘it’s only important we own the man at the top and a few advisers. The rest of them are allowed a form of competition down below to keep their jobs.’ That’s all it is, a show for the public.

Don: Yes. Because I noticed Warren Buffett had met with Lord Rothschild. It was in The Scotsman, one of the Scottish newspapers with Arnold Schwarzenegger before he decided to run for governor and when he came back then he made his announcement on the Tonight Show and I just remember that. I also did a little research. I don’t know if people know this, but Warren Buffett’s father was a member of Colbert Lodge No. 11 in Omaha, Nebraska, so I know his father was a Mason, so I’m just assuming that even though you can’t identify Warren Buffet as a Mason, that he may be high up enough that he’s not actually associated with any particular lodge.

Alan: That’s right. You have lodges at the top that can go into any lodges, whether it’s the Grand Lodge or any other lodge across the world, and some of them are in the noble orders where they keep really out of the public limelight. It’s not printed anywhere until one day when they retire, they’ll mention it in the newspapers; but while they’re in power, they generally don’t mention much about it.

Don: What I’m noticing is people are so apathetic even about investigating 9/11. I’m a retired airline pilot and even my own friends they sit there and I try to tell them these things what’s really going on and they say that’s just your opinion. They won’t even take the five minutes to even investigate and what they do is they get angry at you. Alan: They get angry because you’re bursting their comfortable paradigm where they’ve been trained all their lives remember. Aldous Huxley said it, scientific socialism, scientific indoctrination, you don’t realize that every cartoon that you started off with was affecting you and giving you little programs and messages, right up through your schooling. Right up through the media taking over and giving you what you need to know. You have a lifelong indoctrination and under socialism, which is the intent is to keep the public playing like children while the adults, the ones at the top take care of the big problems. Most folk have swallowed that hook, line and sinker, and the problem is now you’re dealing with adults who are just like children and they’re living in a comfy paradigm. They don’t want to look at what could be happening and even what they might notice themselves out of the corner of their eyes because it makes them uncomfortable. They know if they question one little thing or even one big thing that’s going on, they might have to re-view everything they ever believed and they don’t want to go there. The slaves, the happy slaves themselves will turn on you because you’re bursting their bubble and you’ve got to realize you’re dealing with brainwashed people. They really believe the 6 o’clock news you know.

Don: I mean it’s just the apathy. People don’t seem to give a crap about anything anymore.

Alan: Society itself and the bonds of society that held it together and got people through the worst of times has again, under socialism, been successfully eliminated. If someone in the family even gets hurt or gets sick, even family members will say that welfare will take care of that or something. There’s always a government agency. They’ve taken over the roles of families and there’s no bonding anymore between people. That was part of the whole institution they talked about as early as 1900, the destruction of the family unit and government organizations and NGOs would take over those responsibilities; and when that happens you’re basically isolated. Every individual is isolated from every other individual. You live in your little cocoon and you’re supposed to play and work and consume until you die and not get involved in life and with those around you.

Don: Yes. Okay Alan, thanks for taking my call. Have a good evening.

Alan: Thanks for your call. That’s what we’re seeing today. We’re seeing a scientific indoctrination that the culmination of it, where people are being taught to be egosyntonic, they call it egocentricity. They’re egosyntonic and they do what’s pleasing to them. They avoid any sort of long-term gain that involves pain. They want immediate pleasure and this is a psychopathic system. Psychopaths are known for wanting immediate pleasure. They’ve given us a culture which we now emulate and we want to have fun all the time, which is not what living is all about. It’s a recent idea that we’re supposed to be happy all the time. When they married psychiatry with government a long time ago, they brought the eugenics philosophy into it and they brought in this idea that you’re supposed to be happy seven days a week, 24 hours per day. That’s not what makes you grow. That’s not what makes you a full human being and yet that’s how the people have now swallowed it hook, line and sinker. They’re emulating everything they’ve been taught. They become what they’ve been taught and they don’t want to hear bad news. They really don’t want any bad news at all.

They don’t mind people getting killed all over the planet or starving to death somewhere, as long as they’re not having to see it. It might upset them if it’s happening around them. It would definitely upset them if it was happening to them, but they don’t want to see it. They want everything nice and clean and tidy and to live in a little bubble where the whole world can go away and they can live their own individual lives, retire and go fishing. That’s what they’ve been taught and while they’re doing that the big boys who run this world for an awful long time have planned the future and it’s a future with a very different humanity that’s going to come out of it, a Huxley type of Brave New World. In fact I was just reading an old quote by Julian Huxley from a book that he wrote. Julian Huxley was the brother of Aldous Huxley. The two brothers were the grandsons of Sir Thomas Huxley, who was Darwin’s best friend. Aldous Huxley was a top eugenicist. He became the first director general of UNESCO (United Nations Educational Society) and the whole idea was set-up to create a world system, a world culture, which they’d already planned which one it would be, and how everyone would have to come into the same system.”

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