“The atheists understand that this is important. A couple Christmases ago, they posted this on their website:

If evolution is true, that is perfectly, logical thinking.

You see, Genesis presents us with history. It looks like history. A real man in a real garden with a real wife and a real tree and a real serpent who had a real conversation with that real wife. I don’t know why we have trouble believing that. We have talking parrots today. There’s nothing miraculous about that. And that serpent was controlled by a supernatural being called Satan according to the Bible, just like a donkey was empowered by a supernatural God to speak to the prophet Balaam in the Book of Numbers. And then we come to the New Testament and we read about a virgin birth and a bodily resurrection of Christ.

But you know, the scientific community says what Genesis says about Adam is mythology. Science has proven that we evolved from some ape-like creatures. Well, if we’re going to believe what the scientific majority says about Adam in the early chapters of Genesis. Then to be consistent, we’ll have to reject the virgin birth and the resurrection. Because the same scientific establishment says virgins don’t have babies and dead men don’t rise from the dead. But the fact is that Genesis is history. The gospels are history. Adam really lived. And Jesus really lived and died on the cross for our sins – the sin problem that started in the garden and He rose from the dead.”

You can watch the lecture here.

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