Here is what the unelected, self-appointed globalist technocrat Bill Gates had to say about food and farmers:

“I am here in Dubai. This is COP28. A very, very important meeting. The issue of health and climate will be discussed at length. That’s never gotten the attention it deserves. The issue of food systems and how with climate change, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a tragedy for them. We’ll talk about using innovation to absolutely solve that problem. And a lot of great, young companies are here and the big companies will come. We’ll see a lot of partnerships that come out of this. So it’s a good milestone in a very big challenge.”

If you had to translate this statement of his and the usual globalist doublespeak, it would be something on the lines of: “We are here in Dubai, in a very, very important meeting where we will decide on your behalf, how to control you and the world. So far, we were too soft on you so now, we need to discuss how to imprison you through fake science but real scientific experiments and the climate change that we have created through weather warfare. A lot of farmers are unable to grow their crops as a result of our deliberate war on them. This is a blessing for us as it enables us to completely control the world’s food supply under the guise of combating ‘climate change’ by replacing traditional agriculture with fake meat laboratories and insect farms. To do this, we have summoned all the private corporations to join forces and as usual, we will collude together to decide for you in our best interest. Rest assured that the prospect that we have for all of you is so much in sync with what we have been planning for you, for years.”

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