“Let’s start with the head. All they have from the head is a piece of jaw. And remember, there’s not one way to draw her. So, let’s see what they drew. Ape-like head; more human like; ape-like head; ape-like head. But they are all different:

Now we’ll look at the body but before I’ll show you the body, I want to remind you of two facts. The first fact is that they only had six bones.

But there are 207 bones in the human body! So that’s not much to work with! But notice those bones. They are bone fragments. They are not complete bones. The artist would have to guess well how long was that bone when it was a complete bone?

The second fact you have to remember is that humans have an arm-to-leg ratio of three-quarters to one. So our hands come to the middle of our thighs when we stand up. But apes have much longer arms compared to their legs. If they could stand up straight, their hands would come to their knees or even farther.

They all had the same bones, incomplete bones. There’s no one way to draw her. So, let’s see what they drew:

Human length arms:

Getting down to ape-length arms:

Human length arms with curved hands to give it that tree-dwelling look:

And this one is in a tree and those arms are looking awefully long:

Folks, this is not science. This is art and imagination in National Geographic, arguably one of the greatest propaganda organists of the evolutionists published in multiple languages around the world.

Well the next year in 2001 Daniel Lieberman, a leading scientist, published a technical article in Nature and he said this: ‘Until a few years ago, the evolutionary history of our species was thought to be reasonably straight-forward.’ Well, I would dispute that statement just on the basis of what I’ve already shown you. But he goes on, ‘But lately confusion has been sown in the human evolutionary tree. The confusion now looks set to increase still further.’ They are getting more confused as time goes on. And look at his chart. You’ve got those bold bars of blue, green, red, black.

That represents the fossil evidence and down on the left you’ve got the timeline of six million years and then you’ve got those black lines with question marks. What are those? Well, those are not the fossil evidence. That’s the evolutionary imagination about relationships. So, let’s get rid of those so we can see the fossil evidence clearly.

That looks like different kinds of creatures have always been different kinds of creatures.”

You can watch the lecture here.

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