“Now another thing I was going to talk about was the water grab. Now the food grab is almost over in the world and I don’t know if people realize that, even when I was small and I saw the big companies come up like Heinz and Campbell’s and so on giving you the fast-foods for the home, the tin foods which made us much more unhealthy. I wondered at the time how could it even arise and have so much wealth. They could start these businesses off and churn all of those cans out into this world and have everybody using them so easily and quickly and they denatured the food. There’s no doubt about it. The children in my time were less active and energetic than the children a generation prior to that. However, they’ve been taking over the food supply for a long time.

In all wars you go for the food. In ancient times they did it. You stop the food going into cities when you besiege them. You cut off the water supply. That’s what you did, food and water, very basic. You’ll find that now they’re going after the water supply. We know that the food is under the five big “agri-businesses” as they call them: Archer Daniels Midland, Monsanto and all the rest of them. Archer Daniels Midland is ADM, which is ADAM. Adam was the man of the earth; they take over the earth, you see, the food. They love these little jokes.

For those who have a memory, and unfortunately people’s memories are fading fast and more quickly than ever before, we saw the beginning of the water takeover with the various “watershed acts” they called them about four or five years ago as they came around in different states and areas and provinces in Canada and tried to convince the public of how the government would have to take over everything that was a watershed. Now the watershed is anywhere where it has ever rained, basically. They’ve redefined it now so the whole world is a watershed. This is from Golden, Colorado. It says here: ‘Legislation is quietly moving forward in the U.S. Congress would expand the federal government’s control over U.S. water to such an extent that even periodically wet ground would come under feudal hegemony a group of business leaders is warning. The bill represents one of the most expansive power grabs by the federal government over state and local control in memory,‘ said Jim Sims, President and CEO of the Western Business Roundtable. The extent to which this bill puts states and their water resources under the thumb of the federal government is simply astounding. This bill would give federal agencies domain over virtually every wet area in the nation. It will fundamentally erode the ability of citizens, and state governments in particular, to manage our own water resources. It would cause an avalanche of new un-funded mandates to envelop state and local governments. Sims added: ‘It will make it more costly to grow crops…

That’s one of the mandates to put all the farmers out, whatever is left of them. Most of them are corporate farms now: provide water to cities, operate and maintain water storage and delivery facilities, produce energy (including renewable power), build and maintain public transportation systems, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. The legislation, known as the ‘Clean Water Restoration Act,’ is sponsored by Rep. James Oberstar from Minnesota in the House (H.R. 2421) and Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wisc.) in the Senate (S. 1870). The bill’s sponsors contend U.S. waters are threatened due to Supreme Court decisions in 2001 and 2006 that clarified which waters fall under federal jurisdiction. But by changing the Clean Water Act’s jurisdictional sweep from regulation of ‘navigable waters’ to ‘waters of the United States,’ the bill would have ‘a devastating impact on Western state sovereignty and virtually every citizen in our region,’ Sims said.’

There you go. They’re after everything that we need to stay alive and maintain ourselves, because to have things that we need such as water and food would make us independent in this whole world, under this system is ‘interdependence,’ that big buzzword from the United Nations and put out by Margaret Thatcher and parroted by every leading politician since. Interdependence means you’re not IN-DEPENDENT anymore as a citizen, as a single person, as a nation or a country. It’s the same thing, taking away your independence and ability to live and maintain yourself. One day it will be antisocial to grow a garden and feed yourself. That will come. You’re supposed to be interdependent. You’re taking work away from others by growing your own food. If you think I’m kidding, look what they’ve created in China. It’s called Social Approval and Social Disapproval, promulgated to the citizens who now mimic what they’ve been taught.”

[Alan Watt, his radio program, Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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