The metamorphose is one of the spiritless boozing of the St. Patrick’s Day booze binge

Lovin Malta had a field day over St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. All was to be expected and predictable, to be honest. It first published an article titled “The Quirky History Behind Your Favourite Excuse To Drink – St. Patrick’s Day.” Then it kept on putting up posts that read, “Which Irish pub is your favourite, and will you be there today?”

Then we had another post about how this day is celebrated in Chicago, with a section of the river near the Michigan Avenue Bridge being turned into a vivid green hue due to being dyed.

Later, Lovin Malta informed you that “thousands of people have gathered in St. Julian’s, Paceville, and Spinola Bay to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Over 50,000 people visited St Julian’s and Paceville last year, making it Malta’s largest and smoothest St Patrick’s Day celebration, according to Paceville Town Centre Management chairman Philip Fenech,” and asked you if you would be heading down to St Julian’s for St Patrick’s Day.

In this country of double standards, where alcohol is found on every shelf and is quite cheap, but where we then set up support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, don’t you think that such a celebration of binge drinking does not make sense?

In this country of double standards, which does not provide data on household expenditure, as the figures released by Eurostat in 2019 have shown, “with the latest data available for Malta being published in January 2017, but no data for alcohol expenditure alone was made available,” don’t you think that something is being hidden and that something is up?

I am not going to deal with yet another low-vibration hypnotic celebration that keeps crowds in a matrix, but I just want to say something about alcohol. In alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity. Hence its use in extracting essences for essential oils, and the sterilization of medical instruments.

It is also claimed that the word ‘alcohol’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘al-khul’ which refers to a body-eating spirit, and is the source of the English word ‘ghoul.’ Perhaps this is why alcoholic drinks are called ‘spirits,’ and informally, ‘boo-ze.’

Drinking alcohol is one of the fastest way that a human can do to lower his vibration and consciousness, which means that alcohol has been used as a tool to keep human consciousness in a lowered state for thousands of years. By consuming alcohol in the body, you are not only dishonouring your body, but you are also allowing the body to be more susceptible to low frequencies, low vibrations, and lurid consciousness.

Stop drinking. Stop going to such stupid celebrations in the name of something and rise up to the power that humanity is endowed with.

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