The General Agreement on Tariff and Trade was to give certain ‘favored nation status’ for free trade, where the big corporations would be excluded from paying taxes for import duties into other countries (2)

“Before the break I was talking about Sir James Goldsmith who started a party up to try and pull Britain back out of the European Union when he realized that it was anything but a democratic institution. There was no democracy about it. In fact two years ago the head of the European Parliament declared it heresy, a heresy, mind you, to criticize any of its actions. So there we go with these psychopaths. They always get to the top in all institutions. It doesn’t surprise me. However, Sir James Goldsmith was quite right in the effects that this General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade would have. Now what you don’t understand is since the end of World War II organizations were set up under the auspices of the United Nations, the front man for or the straw man really for these big corporations, these big rich powerful people. They decided to unite Europe then, and it was about 1948 they set up the first bureaucracies in Britain to covertly, mind you, because they admitted that a couple of years ago when they first released the papers that the public must not be told the whole purpose of this bureaucracy was to eventually integrate the whole of Europe under a single parliamentary system and that was 1948.

In 1947 the first agreement for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was done in Marrakesh and that was part 1. I think the one that James Goldsmith was talking about was part 8, that had recently been done in ’94. They’ve been at this since the end of World War II and the whole idea was to set up a European parliament, a North American parliament initially and a parliament for the Pacific Rim nations, including New Zealand and Australia, and they had to do it quietly and it was done under the auspices of The Royal Institute for International Affairs, a non-governmental agency they claim, which just happens to have many government members onboard and on their payroll you might say. They certainly have most reporters on their payroll because you have to be asked into this institution and the reporters think that’s a real boon. It’s like getting the Nobel Prize to a reporter to get into that institution. The Council on Foreign Relations is the American department, which is to do the same thing for the Americas, work stealthy in the Americas, in Canada and the U.S. and Mexico, Chile and a few other countries to bring all this about. Here you are. It was already set up and it was rolling towards finalization before we were even born, most of us, and it’s been done in secrecy. I read some of “The Trap” last Wednesday, where one of the main players in this particular movement admits that it was done in secrecy and it could never have been done in a democratic country. It was anything but democratic. I really advise people to look into “The Trap” by Sir James Goldsmith because what you don’t realize under the GATT treaty also came the fact that your corporations would be encouraged to go abroad. Not only that, your own governments would use your tax money to move those corporations and factories over to China. It was also agreed that for the first seven to ten years, if those companies lost profits, projected profits during that time of set up and for the first few years, the country they came from would also pay their losses. The taxpayer has paid for the losses.

It’s quite the deal for the international corporations and the western countries, primarily the U.S., Canada and Britain and so on, helped to fund that or at least the taxpayers funded it all. The complete removal of infrastructure, your ability to take care of yourself and manufacture yourself was purposely taken out. That’s called interdependence, the term that Margaret Thatcher used — Interdependence, so that you cannot be independent as a nation. You’re now interlocked, interdependent, and that was the whole point of it.

As I say, two years ago, when the second last agreement was signed the further agreement into the amalgamation of the Americas at Waco, Texas they admitted that they had a few more to go and really by 2010 it will be complete. That will be the complete integration. The money has been lined up today. The dollars are pretty well on par from the U.S. and Canadian side and they’ll probably stay on par until we’re integrated. All they have to do now is somehow get a general sales tax or some other name for the same thing in the United States, because they certainly won’t take the taxes off of Canada to merge. They’ll have to bring the States up to the same high costs of living as Canada in order for a merger, because that’s what they did under the GATT treaty for the British nation. They had to come up to the other countries’ high costs of living. Nothing is by chance. It’s planned in advance. It’s done in secrecy and meanwhile the same characters who do this are flopping their lips off about democracy and they have anything but democracy in them. It’s an alien concept to them. I always remember what Toynbee who was a professor for Rhode Scholars in the 1930’s said at an international meeting I think held in Denmark. He said that ‘we always deny with out mouth that that we do with our hands,’ and that’s always been their strategy. They have no problem lying to the public and treating us like children.

But then again, nothing much has changed down through thousands of years. All religious leaders or gods are always good shepherds, which mean we are all silly sheep and a sheep has been bred by the shepherd obviously. That’s his livelihood. That’s what he lives off of. He lives pretty well and he fleeces the sheep and eats them at the same time, much like ourselves. I used to laugh when they used to sing these hymns when I was small and we’re all singing about being nice little sheep that have gone astray. That wasn’t me. I decided to be a goat instead because a goat you see can always climb up the mountain and get away from the sheep and look down upon them and see what’s really going on. That’s the kind of world we live in and that’s what you have to be if you want to be a thinker and a survivor and someone who changes the course of this totalitarian fascist system, because it is a fascist system. The integration, the merger of politics, politicians, CEOs of corporations all working together, often using musical chairs to move from the corporation into politics and back again. We are under fascism and we have been actually since at least the 1930’s. World War II helped to pull out the western nations. They needed World War II and as Carroll Quigley said, ‘the real purpose of war is to change societies of all those that participate because you can get more done in five years of war on a governmental scale than you can with 50 years of peace and propaganda.’ That’s the purpose of war.”

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