“It says: ‘Not all is good…’

Next to that is a report, the good part, given by Murray Fyfe who’s the head man for the health department for that area. Next to that, it’s got one little column. It says: ‘Not all is good. Research suggests…‘ I love how it suggests. It’s called a science but it says suggest. ‘…a very small risk of developing the potentially disabling neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) after receiving a flu vaccine. A study…‘ It doesn’t tell you which one. ‘.,.conducted during the months of October and November between April 1, 1992, and March 31, 2004, found up to one in ten people may contract…” One in ten may contract. ‘…the disorder after receiving the flu vaccination. The disorder can follow infection with influenza and other organisms, said Murray Fyfe…’

Of course they know there’s other organisms because it’s in the shot. He goes on to say: ‘… Vancouver Island Health Authority’s South Island medical health officer, Mr. Murray Fyfe. The syndrome, in which the body’s immune system begins to attack the body itself…‘ Now here’s the immune system working. You get a shot and then your whole immune system starts attacking your body. It’s looking for something in your joints and so on and you come down with crippling arthritis and various other symptoms and tremendous fatigue. One in ten, remember. ‘The first symptoms of this disorder include varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs. In many instances, the weakness and abnormal sensations spread to the arms and upper body. No one knows why the syndrome strikes some people and not others or what sets it into motion.‘ That’s what they say. Now let’s take that last bit again. ‘No one knows why…‘ This is the expert Murray Fyfe talking, head of the health department for this part of Vancouver. ‘No one knows why the syndrome strikes some people and not others or what sets it into motion.’ Well, Mr. Murray Fyfe, let’s go back to the beginning of the column. ‘Research suggests a very small risk of developing the potentially disabling neurological disorder Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) after receiving a flu vaccine.’ I’ll send in my bill later. So there you go. They just can’t figure out why they come down with this after getting flu shots, so it’s a mystery why they get this disease, and that’s what we’re dealing with.

Most people don’t really analyze the information that’s dished out to them. They go along with it, especially when the experts tell them this is so and they come out with the latest theories. Science we get at this bottom level here is full of theories. A theory is someone’s good guess and your theory is as good as anybody else’s theory or guess.

However, Bertrand Russell said a long time ago ‘We shall train the public not to do a thing without the advice from an expert’ and unfortunately, we’ve had a whole lifetime of it now. We’re into the second or third generation of being indoctrinated by experts who keep changing their theories but never the agenda. They’re giving you all these free flu shots and then they give a list of people who should get it. Now remember, if you’re a good consumer-producer according to the United Nations you are a good citizen. After you’re retired you’re not so good a producer anymore. You’re a consumer only and perhaps you’re a useless eater.

‘People 65 years and older should have and their caregivers should get the flu shot. Children and adults with chronic health conditions and others in their household.’ Now, let’s go back into the eugenics program, again, children, overpopulation, yah-de- yah-de-yah and people who have hereditary problems, genotypes are being targeted. ‘Children and adults with chronic health conditions…’ You know those who are a burden on society should also get their flu shot. ‘Health-care workers…’ Now they’re amongst the highest to come down with the side effects of chronic fatigue and all the rest of it because they get more shots than anyone else. They go on to: ‘.. healthy children age 23 months to six years. Infants aged zero to 23 months.’ Now their immune system hasn’t even begun working then, and here they are dumping this stuff into their bloodstream. Yeah, they’ll say it’s intramuscular, it’s subcutaneous under the skin, but it gets into the bloodstream. Now what’s the first thing they teach you boys and girls when you cut yourself when you’re a child and mummy grabs you or daddy grabs you and they want to kiss it all better, but they want to wash it all first with hot water and maybe some disinfectant. You’re taught that is normal because things can get into your body. You don’t want nasty things in your body, but we’ve all been trained. Trained, mind you, like animals that something stuck right into you by a guy in a white coat is okay.

That’s the exception to the rule and none of us, including the guy with the white coat, has the ability to analyze what’s in that actual inoculation. The whole system is base on faith. Everything is based on faith, from the consumer right up through the guys that give you inoculations, right up to the laboratories where they make all this stuff. It’s no secret that people like Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley and Charles Galton Darwin talked about and you’ll find that in the writings of Jacques Ellul talking about these guys. Talking about the fact they would use inoculations to bring down populations et cetera, and lo and behold, there’s never been such a big push for these inoculations.”

[Alan Watt, His Radio Program Cutting through the Matrix, 31st October 2007]


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