Scientists are just people like the rest of humanity; I’m not sure anyone needs to hear this. For money, status, or career progress, many are prepared to falsify information, remove unfavourable findings from reports, or outright lie. Should you continue to adhere to science and trust the scientists?

Physicians ought to be furious. They wasted so much time, money, and education, and they still didn’t even understand how the body functions. They learned to shill for Rockefeller Medicine’s petroleum-based medications by being fed bullshit. Drug prescriptions are not healthcare.

It is important to know that the adenoids and tonsils are components of the immune system. Target the persistent infection or toxin that is taxing the immune system before removing them because they have gotten larger. The what is enlarged adenoids and tonsils. We must begin to inquire as to why.

Nothing in our lives has ever been the same since this pandemic hit us. We were not just forced but also mistreated psychologically, controlled, and ordered. We haven’t had much time to unwind. Abortion laws, 15-minute cities, inflation, wars, digital IDs, and CBDCs ensued, all the while the vaccine genocide persisted while we watch and lose our loved ones.

It is terrifying how there are people who are unaware of their own unconsciousness, living in a hell dimension where they repeat the same patterns and soul bonds that their ancestors did. They merely exist within the world’s matrix and dwell beneath the curtain of their larger purpose.

People have known how to cultivate food, make clothes, heal illnesses with food and plants, construct shelters, and live for thousands of years. In just two generations, those abilities were virtually eradicated from humankind, leaving us entirely reliant on and vulnerable to the system.

One of the biggest frauds of the twenty-first century is casual sex. Your body releases oxytocin during sexual activity, which causes you to unconsciously bond with your partner. You feel empty after a brief attachment to a large number of individuals. Casual sex also impairs your capacity for closeness, empathy, and trust.

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