“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just tidying up before the end of this talk. Talking about democracy as well: Democracy over 100 years ago was debated as to where it would go because it would evolve you see. They’re always talking evolution and if they make it happen it’s called evolution. Everything does evolve, even in a laboratory or discussion group, that’s where things really evolved. They talked about the evolution of democracy. Democracy since it deals with primarily large groups like Jacques Ellul talks about, then they eventually (the large groups) would dominate and be the new type of government over the public; and if you didn’t belong to a large group, you’d be voiceless, you’d have no say whatsoever; and lo and behold, that’s what’s happened.

However, what they didn’t tell you was that the largest groups in the world would be the big fascist corporate groups, the new feudal overlords that Mr. Carroll Quigley talked about. He thought it was just wonderful. He was all for it, (he) being the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations which had helped to bring it all about. That’s happened already. We’re run by CEOs of corporations under the guise of NGO groups, backed by the money as well from the big foundations. These foundations were mentioned for the last 200 years in Masonic books written all along those periods and boasting how they would take over and be the masters over the master of the world through the takeover of money and power.

However, what they didn’t mention at the time was they would use this term democracy, something they made for themselves, knowing that through time, step by step, like the old song goes, “time is on my side,” intergenerationally, they would become the only ones with voices. Voices loud enough to be heard by the governments and they made sure of that because most of the people in government have been CEOs of the same corporations that now lobby them.

We’re run by the big fascist elite and it’s interesting, as I said last week or at least earlier this week, that in the Congressional Hall when presidents make their speeches you’ll see the two fasci, one on either side of the stage, the wall. It’s on the wall, the bundle of rods covering the axe, an ancient symbol. [Fasces] The Romans adopted it in fact. It came from the Etruscans. If you try to get a bundle of twigs together and break them over your knee, it’s very difficult; but take them one at a time and they break, so the whole idea was that they would all stand together. They’d be terribly cohesive. They’d always stand up for each other. The British used to call it “closing ranks” when one of their members was discovered playing with little boys or something. They’d close the ranks and keep quiet and they’ll stand up for each other.

The fasci is a symbol in the U.S. and that’s what we’re under today. Fascism is alive and well, it never died, it was never conquered. It’s always run the system and it also has learned a lot from its counterpart that it created and funded from the beginning called Communism, the big laboratory where they both worked together collecting data and make high-tech equipment that would eventually run all our lives via satellites and so on. That’s where the technology for the chips all came from, the Cold War. They rush ahead and they go centuries ahead in a matter of 40, 50 years in technology because they have unlimited financing and personnel.”

[From Alan Watt’s radio programme, Cutting through the Matrix, October 2007]


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