The assault of a student on an MCAST lecturer created yet another division amongst the popolin who cannot fathom and see the trend in which schools were driven to and have reached. The popolin cannot see the whole picture and argued that this is an isolated incident and should be taken as it is on face value. I expect the house of cards to fall in the right timing and when it does, the house of cards of schooling will fall too. Everything will implode.

Very few condemned this new trend of taking videos of people without their consent, uploading it on the social media and sending it to media portals. This is already a grievous act in itself.

A faction of the popolin commented that the lecturer should have remained calm and called his superiors, in the name of professionalism. Little do they know that at MCAST, being a post-secondary institution, this is not possible. The superiors who are the Director and Assistant Director, are locked in their offices inundated with work or in board rooms having meetings. Moreover, it does not necessarily mean that the building in which a lecturer is, there is the said office of the superiors in that building. Also, lecturers do not have the direct landline of the offices of these superiors. Lastly, issues have to be reported to the grievance unit after they happen. In a nutshell, lecturers are left to fend for themselves in classrooms. Clearly, those who stated so have never been in a classroom. But then here comes the Big Brother, MCAST itself, to give you the raft after it left you swim in stormy waters. Kulħadd bravu wara!

The popolin must understand that we are all ensnared in an unconscionable and unhealthy system because the whole gestalt is misguided where we all keep on just walking in circles. This takes us back to the same line of thought. When the governments, obeying the UN, started shifting through gradualism the schooling system and the mentality with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, they left teachers to fend for themselves in the chaos which the same governments created. That is the trend – the governments taking the orders of their superiors create the chaos and teachers switched the survival mode on, while they try to survive in the chaos created. And if a lecturer becomes angry, and bangs his hand on the desk, then the masses immediately point fingers and call him ‘violent’ and ‘unprofessional.’ Define professionalism. Define unprofessionalism. It’s time to hoist healthy anger back to the heights of acceptable behavior and collaborate to define an appropriate channel for expressing it that protects everyone while still allowing us to respect its innate wisdom. When anger is properly acknowledged and contained, it may be a sacred energy. Indeed, I’m positive that until we become incensed about the injustices that so many of us experience, we will never build the world of divine possibilities that so many spiritual people yearn for. When people voice their rightful outrage, the world gets better because it sends the message that certain things are unacceptable.

Those who called the lecturer ‘violent’ and ‘unprofessional,’ need to understand that the world has told us to wear masks, repress and hide our true feelings. It has taught us to adapt our personalities to the marketplace. So, can the popolin explain how do they expect a healthy functioning? Is it possible behind the mask of ‘professionalism’? Should this incident come as a surprise, when we have been conditioned to distort our truths? Can this faction of the popolin comment on how they are expected to adapt their personalities to their marketplace?

There was another sector of the popolin who said that the student’s action is justified. In the masses’ brain-think, anger is not justified but violence is. Then there was another sector of the popolin who said that this incident is a one-off and not all students are like that. Who said that all students are disrespectful or violent? You do not need a super brain to draw such conclusions. What the popolin who were never in a classroom cannot understand, is that a lecturer needs only one student to disrupt the whole class. There are cases where the other students buckle under peer pressure and tag along that behaviour so that they are not picked upon outside the classroom. So, the classroom becomes a context of a group against one and this in turn becomes a survival cubicle in which one tries to keep the head above water instead of drowning. Please note, that in the case where teachers try to discipline a child, they will find the parents yelling at the door.

Another faction of the popolin said that teachers are part of the problem because it is teachers who indoctrinate the minds of the children. What does this have to do with the student’s behaviour? Is there any one out there who has not been indoctrinated by the system? We have to admit that we have all been had, and fooled by the system. This is why we are here. To undo it all. So, does the popolin expect that suddenly teachers will become the world’s heroes, and undo the indoctrination of children? Easier said than done. So many teachers know that they have been indoctrinated and do not agree with what they are ordered to teach and do. The revolution is yet to come and it will come when all the populations and nations come together because all the house of cards must eventually fall even though the beastly system of the beast has its tentacles crept very strongly in every sector. At least, let us start by pointing at all the education ministers, of past and present, and their bureaucrats, so that hopefully they learn a thing or two on how to run schools, where students from a young age [and prospective parents] are thought how to behave and show respect to others. If not this incident and more like it and worse, will continue to happen if they continue to harp on the idea of “drittijiet” but not “doveri.”Maybe in twenty years time we might have less arrogance. But they don’t and they won’t, because they are puppets on a string of the UN and they need to continue to harp on the idea of “drittijiet” but not “doveri.” The UN and the governments created the problem that schools have now on their hands, as schools went from one extreme to the other, while teachers, students and parents are being used by psychopathic extremists so that they transformed society to the one we have today. We thank the liberal, woke self-centred mentality. We thank the Fabian Socialists. We thank the psychopathic puppeteers and their set-up fronts.

Another faction of the popolin argued that both the student and the lecturer should be fired. The lecturer did not hit the student. Nor did he use foul language. So, if the lecturer is fired, what is the message being given out there? In no way did the lecturer showed abuse of power. But for the popolin, there is no room for appropriate anger. Appropriate anger shows us the injustices that would not have even been noticed at earlier times. If we fully condemn healthy anger, we condemn ourselves to endure realities that don’t serve us. There is a place for healthy anger in an evolving world. All those who condemned the lecturer are pretty happy to endure injustices and realities that don’t serve them at the workplace. This lecturer’s anger was towards the system and its chaos in which the teacher is expected to keep order.

For me, this incident not only shows the damage that was caused by the UN and its puppets, the governments, not only to schools but also to homes, human beings and generations. It also shows that we have been conditioned to live unnatural lives. We are becoming less natural in a system which allows you to accumulate toxic feelings.

For me, this incident shows that popolin adults need to re-learn to cry and yell, like children do.

For me, this incident shows that we need to roar humanity back to life. Love is the equalizer.

We have been conditioned to live unnatural lives. The less natural we are, the more less love we share.

Love is the equalizer.

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