[Second Clip]: “One of the common warfare tactics is simply to divide and conquer. So, if you can break off a segment of a battalion from the rest of the battalion, you can very often take them out much more quickly. And this is one of the primary tactics that demons use: it is to divide and conquer. Now, this is done by making the individual feel like he is alone. That there’s nobody that shares his view or understands him. Division is first brought about by affecting people’s perceptions. You see this in marriage all the time. The first thing that demons do is attack the perceptions that the spouses have of each other in order to divide them psychologically, and then the division externally in the marriage can happen later. But you have to first divide them psychologically. You cannot get people to divorce each other unless their perceptions of each other are contrary to the reality or contrary to the individual. Division is brought up by affecting the perception of the individual and relationship to others, or others in the relationship of the individual. So, basically what this means is that it’s all about perceptions.

In the Communist Manifesto, at the very root of the full foundation of the Communist Manifesto, is based upon a class struggle. So it pits one class against another. The first thing it tries to do is get people’s perceptions that they are against each other. That’s the first thing that it does. It does it by class warfare which is just a form of divide and conquer. This is also why communists cause division by race when it doesn’t need to be. They cause division by various other aspects – by ethnicity, by country of origin, etc.

They are causing the division and they cause this division in the news media. News media outlets constantly talk about the racial divide. If you keep talking about it, you’ll start affecting people’s perceptions about our country. So, this is why Morgan Freeman said, one of the first ways to stop having difficulties among race relations is to stop talking about it. Let things settle down because the constant talking about it maintains the perceptions and as a result, the communists use that in order to divide and conquer.

Part of the reason for the hypocrisy and double standards is to foment unrest. We’ve talked about this hypocrisy and double standards. The reason why they do that is to foment unrest and division. When people see that politicians get to commit crime after crime after crime and nothing is ever done about it, and there’s a double standard that they get to do stuff that other people don’t get to do. You know, they go to get their hair done when other people don’t get to go and get their hair done. Things like that. Or they get to go to walk in the park as one mayor recently did after he had closed down the parks. People that divide is done in order to create the division. They do it on purpose to create the division, so that it can be used. Now sometimes, they do it for selfish reasons. But in the end, the communists use that because then they can use that as to create the strife in which they can seize power.

Anytime you see people trying to create division, it’s a pretty good sign that you’re dealing with a communist or a communist group.”

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