While you have been on the same salary for years, after the system has promised you a good one if you study and work hard and harder, the Labour government bureaucrats keep on getting the big salaries.

While the cost-of-living gets higher every day while salaries get lower every day, the Labour government bureaucrats keep on getting the big salaries.

These bureaucrats are put in high appointed positions by the government on purpose, and not because they are fit for purpose. In reality, they are throttlebottoms. And yet, they get big salaries which the system promised you when you were at school, as long as you study, get good grades, go to college, graduate and work hard. Forget about these lies. The truth is that you should befriend the government, do some handshakes, and you are put in high positions and given high salaries in newly created entities in government created entities. These new entities are set up on purpose, so that any bureaucrat or minister who ends up involved in a scandal, is fired and the lot, is put somewhere with high undeserving salaries. They keep each other happy, you know, under a vigilant eye.

We can take the recent example of former Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia, who after losing his ministerial post during a cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Robert Abela, Farrugia was nominated and appointed as ambassador to the International Maritime Organisation. So much fuzzy language. Ambassador? International Maritime Organisation? What will he be doing exactly? They keep each other happy, you know, under a vigilant eye.

So is the case of Frank Fabri, former education ministry permanent secretary who had resigned in January “a month after then-education minister Justyne Caruana left her role following an ethics probe by the standards commissioner” which found that Daniel Bogdanovic, a footballer and minister’s friend, was given a €15,000 deal, whose contract was signed by Fabri himself. Bogdanovic “had not even written the report he was paid to draft himself.”

“Before becoming permanent secretary in 2017, Fabri served in several roles within the education department, as a director-general. He was also mayor of Rabat.” Our bureaucrats are so talented, marelli!

Fabri should have resigned long before. He was not fit for purpose in his role as a permanent secretary for the education ministry. He doubled the mess in schools.

But this does not matter. He was now given a three-year definite contract as CEO of Aquatic Resources Malta which runs until 21 February 2027. He is “entitled to a basic salary of €47,000 this year, €47,800 next year and €48,600 in 2026.” What will he be doing exactly in this position? Counting fish in fish farms? It pays well to be CEO of aurat and ducks.

“Apart from his basic salary, he is entitled to a long list of additional benefits that shoot up his total remuneration package to over €82,000. These include €8,000 per year as an expense allowance, €1,800 per year for communication, €4,658 annually for a car and a 10% disturbance allowance. He will also get a 15% performance bonus as well as an additional 15% as an allowance for ‘research projects’.” Wow! Isn’t this such a big reward? After all, counting fish in fish farms and being a CEO of aurat and ducks, carry a lot of responsibilities – responsibilities and hard work which you, mere governed and controlled citizen, have never had and will never have. And so, you will never even dream of such allowances, let alone the €47,000 starting salary!

But then, don’t think that when there is a change in government, Fabri will become homeless and poor, living from month to month, while looking for a new job. How dare you think that? It was also stipulated “that his contract will be immediately terminated ‘in the event of a change in government or the minister’, whereby he will return to his previous post in salary scale 2 with the pay and all the employment conditions attached to that grade.” They keep each other happy, you know, under a vigilant eye.

They print and garnish the money for themselves and yet, there is nothing for you except taxation, government theft through corrupt practices, and poverty.

The government is making you live in an aggravated situation where you are just dogfood and yet, you continue to accept it.

The government is beating you and kicking you in its demoralization tactics and yet, you continue to accept it.

The government is mocking you in the face and yet, you continue to accept it.

The government has turned you into a victim of shame and threw you in a class with a bad name. And yet, you continue to accept it.

When will you stand up to such injustices and mockery while you come together and chant, “You can beat us, bash us, but you can never trash us. You can hit us, kick us, but you can never get us.” Are you happy being governed, controlled, and abused? Will you continue to watch anyway?

The masks are coming off. The game is clearly visible to us. We are witnessing the manner in which a surprisingly dull and insignificant portion of the population extracts and uses our species’ brilliance just for their own gain. It’s time to expose the democratic illusion. Time to take back what is rightfully ours. For far too long, charlatans and fools have ruled over us.

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