Dr. Terry Mortenson on why the theory of evolution is a fraud and a lie (part five)

“In 1994, Nova television had a series of programs on human origins. And I want to show you a clip from the first program. It features Dr Owen Lovejoy who is another American paleontologist up at Kent State University in Ohio. And I want you to watch and listen to what he is doing to a plaster cast of Lucy’s hip bones. And the voice narrating in the background is Donald Johansen who found Lucy. So, watch and listen [15:34 mark]

Dr Owen Lovejoy: ‘This has caused the two bones in fact to fit together so well, that they are in an anatomically impossible position.’ Dr Donald Johansen: ‘The perfect fit was an illusion that made Lucy’s hip bone seem to flare out like a chimp’s. But all was not lost. Lovejoy decided he could restore the pelvis to its natural shape. He didn’t want to tamper with the original, so he made a copy in plaster. He cut the damaged pieces out and put them back together the way they were before Lucy died. It was a tricky job. But after taking the kink out of the pelvis, it all fit together perfectly – like a 3-dimensional zig-saw puzzle. As a result, the angle of the hip looks nothing like a chimp’s, but a lot like ours.’

[Dr Terry Mortenson continues with his lecture] “Well, of course it does! He grounded it to look like ours! Now listen, if a creationist did that to the fossil evidence, or plaster cast of the fossil evidence, he’d be crucified! But an evolutionist does this, this is good science! No, this is manipulating the evidence to fit a preconceived idea.

So, you have all those different pictures of Lucy. None of them are accurate. She didn’t walk upright. She wasn’t our relative. That’s something like Lucy:

She’s not our relative.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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