“When we look at the garden of Eden, what made the human race fall was knowledge – revelation – information. Knowledge! The Lord God created Adam and placed him in the garden of Eden. And He said to Adam there is one tree, to cut it short, there is one tree, you are forbidden from eating from it. The day that comes that you eat from that tree, surely you shall die. And that tree was the knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge is revelation, is information.

Adam decided to break God’s word and eat from the forbidden tree. And when the moment that came that he ate from that tree, Adam died forever, meaning, he got separated from His Creator forever. And they got kicked out from the garden of Eden.

Today, I see the 21st century as going back to that full cycle, all the way to the garden of Eden. We are living at a time and age where we are eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and that tree of the knowledge and good and evil is me and you. We are that tree. We are that tree. In other words. In other words, we are doing things our way, not God’s, like Adam decided in the garden of Eden to do it his way, not God’s way. The 21st century is becoming more and more of a godless generation. They are saying ‘We are God on earth. I’ll do whatever I please.’

But the Lord is coming in the end of times and He’s given us this revelation of His and called the Book of Revelation to say to his own children, those who are true Christians, those who are true followers of the Lord, those who were called to be sons of God – the baptized souls, Jesus is revealing to them, His own revelation, His own information, His own knowledge, and He’s telling them what Jesus will do to the world in the end of times.

This book is Jesus Christ’s himself, which God gave Him. So who gave the Book to Jesus Christ? God. What is the Book of Revelation? We said, from chapter 4 till 22, the end of the book, it talks about the judgment on mankind who are disobedient to the almighty God. Judgment passed onto mankind. So it is a book of judgment. And also, it is the second coming of the Messiah which is Judgment Day. So, since it is a judgment book, God gave this book to Jesus Christ. Why? Because, when we read, in the Holy Bible, we see that God will not judge no human being but rather He gave the judgment to the Son. When we read in the gospel of John, Chapter 5 verse 22, it says, ‘For the Father judges no one, but has committed all judgment to the son.’ Not the son of God, but the Son of Man. God, the father, will judge no one but He has committed all judgment to the son of man. Why? If God, as God, were to judge the human race, judgment would not have been fair, because for God to come and judge a piece of dust, a minute piece of dust so weak, I’ll have a case in the courthouse. I’ll say, ‘God, you can’t judge me. It’s not fair, there is no comparison between you and me and me and you. You’re too powerful. I’m too weak. You’re too elevated. I’m too low. You are all wisdom. I am all ignorance. You are all light and I am all darkness. You can’t judge me God. I cannot simply be like You. It is not a fair judgment. But the judgment He gave it to the Son of Man. Jesus Christ became a human being, like us, under the law. He was tempted like all of us. When He went out into the wilderness, you read that in the gospel of Matthew, Chapter 4, and even Luke Chapter 4, and Chapter 1 in Mark, when He went out in the wilderness and He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, the tempter came and put Him to the trial. The lust of the body and the greed of the soul and the pride of the spirit. Jesus Christ was tempted like every human being that goes through temptations.

So, He’s been there. He’s done it, and He came out triumphant. So, when Jesus the Son of Man comes and judges us, He’s got a case. An example, if someone comes and says, ‘I could not follow in God’s path, because I was extremely poor. Financially, I was extremely poor, and this financial poorness did not give me the strength to carry on. I was heavy burdened trying to navigate my life every single day, I was sleeping to an empty stomach. God, it’s that financial struggle that was a hindrance for me to come to you.’ Jesus will say, ‘No one was poorer than me. They asked me when I was in the temple of the Lord, of God, the temple of Solomon, they asked me do we give tax to Caesar or not? I asked for a dinari. I asked for a dollar. Why? Because I simply did not have even one dollar in my pocket. I was this broke, I didn’t have a penny in my pocket. So, you talk about poorness? No one is poorer than Jesus Christ. I had only one shirt. I did not have two’. Even homeless people have more than one shirt. Jesus had only one.”

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