Barrie Tower on the health hazards of 5G and Wi-Fi: the harm on animals, migrating birds and insects

“Magazines: I am not the only one with research. There is an article here that birds, bees, insects, trees, the migration of animals, colony collapse, and a big study on aspen trees. There are twenty studies here. Proper university studies, on all of these. And it is the same thing. All of those, you suppress the immune systems, and for the animals, the navigating animals, the ones that use the sun or the earth’s magnetic field, even the creepy crawlies that go along the ground, they use navigation from the earth and from the sun. But for the scientists here – I’m talking about the cryptochrome pigments, double electron absorption system, that have been published in nature for robins, and we know the other birds have them.

Animals lose their immune systems. All animals, and those that use the sun or the earth’s magnetic field, become disoriented. Migrating birds get lost. Butterflies get lost. And you have quite a lot of harm, particularly on insects. Insects have a large surface area to body volume, and their surface area absorbs more radiation than the body can hold. It is known that one of the 5G frequencies, when it was tested on a bee, just absolutely saturated the bee. The bee lost its immune system, and the whole thing turned to pus inside.

I’m going to mention just a couple of studies here. Two studies, costing thirty million euros over a good ten/twelve years, found an increased cancer tumours in animals exposed to phone mass radiation. Animals facing extinction have been reported in India, the Netherlands, and Japan. Up to 40% of hives lost, insects’ extinction in Germany, from a study by entomologists and so it goes on. Nobody is immune from this.”

You can watch and listen to the lecture here.

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