“Trees: He writes and I’m quoting this from the magazine ES UK, which is quarterly or four times a year, and they do cover lots of legal aspects, and they have their doctors, scientific advisers, and it is well worth getting. In ES UK there is an article here on trees subjected to low-level microwave radiation. 29 pages: the red oak cherry willow, black poplar, and all trees suffer the same. They all start losing their immune systems once you bombard them with communications microwaves. Trees are designed to pick up radiation. They are not designed to pick up microwaves. They do not like microwaves. Even children in school do experiments with watercress near cell phones or with microwave water. It’s patently obvious that any tree does not like microwaves, and the moment you start microwaving a tree, two things happen.

First is the tree starts to lose its immune system. And secondly, there were three species on earth that I know of, that are impervious to microwaves. One of them is bacteria – microorganisms. They seem to thrive under the energy from microwaves. I don’t know why. I had that explained to me by a professor, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. But two things happen with trees. First, the bacteria start to thrive and invade the tree. And secondly, the tree starts to lose its immune system, and it’s only a matter of time.

Here, where 5G is going up all around the world, where 5G is going up, trees are coming down. The reason is trees inhibit the progress of 5G. 5G is not a big, circular wave that you get from transmitters. 5G is a beam, sort of a cross between the torch and a laser. It is a beam, and that beam has trouble going through a tree trunk or the density of leaves, especially if they’re wet, and especially along roads. I have had calls from all over the world saying, Barrie, why are they cutting our trees down? And I say, is 5G going up? Yes! There is your answer.

In Malta, the lady that rang me said they’re cutting the trees down, and the reason is that motorists can see better.

In the USA, they are just not giving an explanation. They are just cutting them down.

Sydney is the only place I know, Sydney, Australia, where they are telling the truth, and the application into the government is the submission to the government: 5G inquiry, sacrificed trees for network performance, and overwhelming numbers of small cells. In Australia, they’ve just said, if you want 5G, we’ll cut the trees down, simple as that.

Here, in our local paper, Dr Bobby Tracer, the advertiser, here, the reason given to us: ‘We are culling in the team bridge area, 90,000 trees for or to stop the prevention of dieback.’ I don’t know what a dieback is. I am not a tree expert. ‘But, we are cutting down 90,000 trees and we are also cutting down four hundred and forty thousand trees along the road so that they do not pose danger to motorists.’ Now, I wrote a letter to the newspaper along with a lot of other people, and I’ve said if it is a coincidence that we have to cut down four hundred and forty thousand trees suddenly posing a danger at the exact location that 5G needs to go up, on the lamp post. 5G has to go up every hundred and fifty meters.”

You can watch and listen to the lecture here.

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