According to a Gallup poll, a record number of Americans believe that illegal immigration poses a critical threat to the country. The percentage of Americans who say immigration is the biggest issue the country is facing has increased from 20% to 28% in only one month. After the two topics were evenly ranked for the previous two months [i.e. January and February 2024], immigration has now surpassed the government as the most often mentioned issue. From January through November of 2023, the government came in first place every month.

The government is ranked as the most significant issue by 20% of Americans, followed by the economy (12%) and inflation (11%). The only topic that has significantly changed in the last month is immigration.

Current findings are based on a Gallup survey conducted from February 1–20. Prioritizing immigration over all other matters has happened before; this was the case five years ago during a spike in Central American migrants’ attempts to enter the border. In July 2014, July and November of 2018, and July of 2018, immigration was also named as the top issue.

“A separate question in the survey finds a record-high 55% of U.S. adults, up eight points from last year, saying that “large numbers of immigrants entering the United States illegally” is a critical threat to U.S. vital interests. The prior high was 50% in 2004.”

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