“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I’m just trying to show that after popular revolutions a coterie will get in at the higher end of it and eventually take it over and gradually they take the real characters who were idealistic and push them off to the side and suddenly all the goals that they had planned would suddenly change and the ones who hang on to the old system, the old Constitution, whatever was pushed initially, are pushed off and out into the outer circles. Psychopaths always go into popular movements and sometimes they even lead popular movements. That’s another problem because they sniff the winds. They look to see where the populace is going and they become champions and we’ve got to always beware of that because they can start the trouble or the riots when they want to. That’s happened down through history as well. So just because a person says the right things doesn’t mean their heart or their brain is in the right place. You have to really check them out. Now I think we have Vernon in New Hampshire here. Are you there, Vernon?

Vernon: Hello.

Alan: Hello.

Vernon: Yes. How you doing this evening Alan?

Alan: It’s pretty wet up here. There’s a storm going on.

Vernon: Okay, all right. I’ve just got one comment I would to make of what you were speaking about. Since individuality is like the single biggest threat to the system, do these psychopaths fear that we are becoming individuals again will connect us to our spiritual self and it’s like they really want to stop us from making that connection?

Alan: Strangely enough, even the harden psychologists that try and go into this ponerology I was talking about, even they go into that because you can’t help but being human trying to figure out what is it that’s so different from you. How are they so different and you go into all the aspects including the soullessness. At one time they were called ‘soul eaters’ because they tend to drain people around them. You don’t know why you get drained and tired when you’re around them, but you do. They suck energy from you in a sense. It’s because your brain is racing trying to keep up with the strange mentality that they have and some of the things they come out with. Your brain begins to race and you feel tired. You’re quite right and they do have MOs. They have no conscience and in this book ‘Ponerology,’ they do go through the histories of the present bunch in the U.S.

It wouldn’t matter if the next bunch come in because all the ones who are waiting in the wings we’ve seen, the Hillary’s et cetera are from the same crew, they’re all of the same type. We know that George Bush for instance loved to blow up frogs with firecrackers when he was younger and stuff and this is the sort of things they do in their early years. There’s different signs and symptoms of these characters and they grow up really with no conscience but a huge ego and they tend to disdain all the lesser people beneath them. I’m not worried about George Bush. It’s the ones around him. It’s the Kissinger type, the life long ones, the real technocrats that set-up the world system and are answerable to nobody. They don’t get elected. These are the guys, the Maurice Strong’s that do all the leg work in the setting it up the negotiations that sign us all to our doom. These are the characters I worry about.

Vernon: Yes, and all the decades of all that chemical imbalance they did to the human population. It’s like they have them where they want them to be right now, so those few sentient beings who are about to make that connection to their spirit, it’s like they’re on a race to try and stop this from happening.

Alan: I think that’s right. They are. There’s no doubt about it. They’re pushing the “oneness” of everyone. Everybody is “one,” but they’re talking about different kind of oneness than people in the New Age even think. It’s a oneness where you’re all interlinked through computers and through chips in fact through body implants so that you’ll be no more problem in the future. That’s what their oneness is all about.

Vernon: It’s like the beehive mentality you talked about. Like you can hear like a humming going around you right now, like everybody is a part of that hive and then you seem to stand out from the hive, so they have a serious problem with that.

Alan: That’s right and now they’ve even released — I don’t know if you’ve seen it now, the FBI signature portraits with facial expressions that could be suspect.

Vernon: Yes, I seen that once

Alan: It’s amazing. Creases around the eyes, anything can pull you in to being interrogated and this is the old eugenicists all back in power. They can’t help it. It’s like any disease. They always come up with the same symptoms. You know the ear lobes, the length of the ear, the space between the eyes. All of this stuff has resurfaced. This is what they used in the Natzi era. It shouldn’t surprise us. It’s the same bunch of descendents that backed the Nazis are in right now, not just in the U.S. but Britain too.

Vernon: The U.S. seems to be like the test population for all that stuff going on too.

Alan: Yes it is and the taxpayer of the U.S. has been funding all of this into existence. They knew they’d do this at the beginning of the 1900’s when Britain handed it over to the U.S. to become the policemen of the world, but the average person who heard that happening in the U.S. never thought they’d actually be treating the peasant of the U.S. as the same as the peasant of China and that’s where it’s all going. We’re all to be equal peasants here, because psychopaths only can appreciate other psychopaths and their cunning. They have no respect for the peasant of any country.

Vernon: Yes and they seem to keep wanting more and more and more power, like they’re never satisfied with not having enough power. They crave for that stuff, the power over others.

Alan: That is a fact. The ego, you see they live on ego. They are pure ego. The world revolves around them and this insatiable desire for power again is so far from the normal that we can’t — normal folk can’t understand them. That’s why they get away with it. We make excuses for them. We’ll say they’re just very keen. No, these characters are power hungry. They live on power. It’s like a kind of ethereal food that they suck in and they love to dominate. Power and dominance is all part of it and they always, at the end, they tolerate no opposition and I mean they’re ruthless. They’re ruthless.

Vernon: They have that agenda they’ve got. They’re going to do whatever it takes. They don’t care if they’ve got to kill at least 90 percent of the population. They will do whatever it takes to get to that stage they’re after.

Alan: Yes that’s a fact too. I know that’s the imperative in all this is we’ve got to stop it, because see they have been doing it through inoculations. When you go into the big players who came up with the vaccines and you find out my goodness these guys were the top eugenicists. They wrote books on reducing the population. They championed reducing the population and suddenly here they are like wolves with a sheep’s clothing on here to help you overnight. Then you look at all the diseases and sicknesses that have broken out. HIV, if you just speak it, it’s called ‘THE HIVE,’ and these guys don’t miss a trick in anything that they do. We know that Kissinger during the 70’s said that the main thing, the main enemy to the state was over population and he put it into the works. He started off the ball rolling to get the grants for autoimmune disease viruses and these are viruses they have been working on already since the early 1900’s and look at everyone today. Everyone is immune compromised. Everyone who has an inoculation has a vastly reduced immune system.

Vernon: Can I ask you a question? Alan, I don’t know if you’ve experience this in your life, but since you’ve been like studying that system have you never sat down and kind of like stared this thing right in the eye and see it right in front of you, everywhere you look around you can see it?

Alan: Yes.

Vernon: That happened to me a couple of times. Like my body started feeling funny and stuff. I see this stuff right in my eye. Everywhere I turn I walk it’s right there.

Alan: Yes. Psychopaths as I say they not only give you a system, the culture that you live in and think is normal because you’ve been born and brought up in it, it’s their culture. They’ve given it to you and so we take on the traits of the psychopath. The whole culture is buy, sell, produce, consume and don’t fall in the street. That’s all they say and so we adopt those same principles. We’re all terrified of falling on the street and so we tend to exploit other people. That’s called good commerce and a good system. It’s not a competitive system. It’s a psychopathic system.

Vernon: It is. It’s almost hard trying not to live in the system and not emulate them, it’s like a force all around you trying to make you become like that.

Alan: Yes and when everything goes up, everyone wants to keep a standard of living that they’re used to. When everything goes up and prices go up, then the guy above you passes it all down to you to pay off. You’ve got to exploit someone beneath you to keep that standard of living and that’s how this whole ball of wax goes round in circles, round in circles.

Vernon: Yes. It’s like we’re going around in a circle. We’re not moving. We just keep going round and round and round. That’s how I see it. We’re not evolving.

Alan: Yes that’s right. We have an abnormal system that’s been taught as the only one that could naturally be. That’s what Lenin said too. He said there are a thousand directions the society could go but the public must not know it, and so they must believe that the one they live in is the only natural one that could have possibly evolved; and there’s nothing further from the truth. This is an inhumane psychopathic society.

Vernon: It’s not like a humane system. I could see it all around me. It’s like when you grow up, you’re born, you think you’re growing up and that’s how life is supposed to be, not a system. They switched the system around now, so now we tell the difference because of our age, but it’s all their system. They gave it to us. It’s not ours. We can’t try to save what’s not ours.

Alan: Turn on the television, whether it’s Olympics, sports, all you cheer is the winner. Cheer the winner and boo the losers and tough luck, and that’s what’s been encouraged in life. We have winners and losers and for every top of the pyramid because only a few get there, the rest of them down below are called the base. That’s the base people. That’s the majority of the population and we call this normalcy.

Vernon: [| call it prey and predators. Like they’re the predators, we’re their prey.

Alan: That’s exactly what it is. They are predators. They’re prime predators and they’re very proud of it.

Vernon: Yes, the top of the food chain and to them we’ve just got to be just like — we’re like their food source.

Alan: We are. We’re the only ones who really make or produce anything and they live off us. They also, like any farmer, if there’s too many in a herd or even like the Department of Agriculture farming here — of agriculture in Canada, they’ll kill off excess deer. They’ll kill off the excess herd and they see this as farming. They see it as farming.

Vernon: | think honestly deep inside we each being individual could like at least on a personal level at least deflect this thing a little bit, although we don’t have much time, we’re like ahead away from this whole thing coming now and I still feel deep inside we’ve got an opportunity left.

Alan: Yes we do and we’ve got to connect quickly too.

Vernon: Like really quickly we’ve got to connect or it will be all over.

Alan: It will be all over. These guys are moving fast now and it’s worldwide. People in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and all across the planet are seeing all this stuff coming down and it’s in the air. We feel it in the air.

Vernon: You can feel it all inside your body. You can’t see with your natural eye but you can see when you perceive deeper you can see it ahead of you.

Alan: A great scheme is unfolding. We’re living through it and it’s like with bated breath because there’s a hush of expectation. We know there’s more going on we’re not being told. We’re quite correct in that. They won’t tell us until the very end.

Vernon: Okay, well I’m going to let you go. It was nice talking to you.

Alan: Thanks for calling. Vernon: All right. Bye bye.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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