Why do politicians tell us that foreigners are paying for our pension when we pay our N.I.?

Dr. Muscat has told you that you have to accept how Malta has been turned to, because this is the only way to expand the economy. It is either this way, or else the government will tax you further. This means that only those whose salaries are paid for by the government or by their employer, will have taxes deducted until the least one cent. Those who can find ways and means of not paying what they are due, will not be taxed further. Thus, the cohort which will continue to suffer under any new tyrannical measure of the government is the lower class and the middle class. Dr. Muscat, the economy that you mentioned is one that never trickled from top to bottom. Instead, it has and will continue to stifle economic growth for honest citizens as it will continue to turn them poorer while enriching those who know how to money launder their corrupted, dirty money, and avoid taxes.

I would like to remind Dr. Muscat and any other politician reading this what I wrote in another blog titled ‘Why has the Labour government become a threat to our freedom’:

“Taxation is theft. Paying taxes is violence and slavery and not a duty for the honest citizens because they are paying taxes to a corrupt government who works with criminals for financial gains; who gives many salaries to the same appointed person; who does backdoor and shady deals for personal gain. Furthermore we have ministers going round in luxurious cars with personal drivers; the Kordin Director going abroad with two drivers; ministers and the Prime Minister himself turning into spend-thrifters when it comes to going on “work holidays;” paying millions each year in the corrupt deal to Steward Health Care; the scandalous sale of the Mellieħa land; the money which politicians receive through bribery; the money which politicians receive through legal lobbying for their campaigns; the taxpayers’ money paid for the sponsorship of the female Manchester team; the non-existent capping on certain public servants’ salaries but the existent capping on pensions. Then we have the unregistered offices of the ministers with the Commissioner for Revenue; the 2 million euro that the government spent to rent a 2 million euro block in Żejtun and the 5 million spent to finish it in a shady contract and a million more “ħniżrijiet” which are being executed with the involvement and permission of the cabinet.”

Instead of taxing the honest citizens, why don’t politicians see that there would be no “ħniżrijiet” going on. I am sure those who do crony capitalism have so many taxes to pay that there won’t even be the need to tax the hard-working, honest citizen at the first place!

And then Dr Muscat justifies the influx of foreigners coming to Malta because according to him, here they find employment opportunities. And politicians tell you that they are paying our pensions.

Really? What about the daylight robbery in pensions where only 2/3 of stamp duty are given? Where does the remaining 1/3 which is hard-earned money of the people over 40 years go? Why isn’t it all returned to the people instead of the absurd raise of pensions?

Since each Maltese employee works for many years and pays his or her N.I. monthly so that his/her pension is guaranteed, why do we need foreigners to pay for our pensions? Aren’t the people who pay for their pension from their hard-earned income?

So, if we need foreigners, where is our N.I. contribution going? The people are already being robbed 1/3 of their pension which vanish in thin air. So where is the remaining 2/3 going if it is foreigners who are contributing to our pension? What is the government doing with our N.I. contributions?

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