Michael Stivala of the Construction Industry sells you the lie that the industry helps Malta’s economic growth

“The developer and President of the Malta Developers’ Association Michael Stivala said that changes in today’s economy has led to a “need” to build more towers around the Maltese islands.”

“During a programme of Andrew Azzopardi on RTK103, Stivala praised the 2015 decision that limited the building of towers to five localities while saying that economic growth in recent years requires the building of more towers.”

Stivala has jumped onto the bandwagon of Dr. Muscat to tell you that anything that is being done in this country is for the economy, and thus, for your own good.

And lo and behold, Stivala admits that the property industry is raping our beautiful land to accommodate foreign companies. This country has always been an arse licker of foreigners, a mentality which has dragged from our history of being a colony.

“You have more foreign companies that need large modern offices to work in Malta,” maintained the developer who in November last year received approval from the Planning Authority for his application to build a ten-storey hotel in Sliema. Who are these companies?

Then Stivala rolls it into the people’s feet and stated that “The government in 2006 listened to the people, made local plans and the building activity of today is a result of this decision.” What arrogance! This is the old trick of manipulation, when they blame you for what is going on so to excuse their toxic activities while they never discuss how they disrespected you.

Another big fat lie is his remark that “it is not true that young people in Malta stay living with their parents for a long time, but that demand for property is increasing because young people are looking for properties while separations are also increasing.” While separation cases are increasing, because the family has been the target of the destruction in a liberal society, it is a fact that today’s young people cannot afford to buy property.

Dear Michael Stivala, the construction industry pours money into the rich, and is part of that ‘economic growth’ that does not trickle down from top to bottom. The construction industry is for those who know how to money launder their corrupted, dirty money, so to avoid paying the taxes, because they are part of crony capitalism. Money laundering and taxes evasion by the rich is being poured into construction, among other ways and means.

The construction industry has made our once beautiful gem, ugly. It is part of the destruction of this gem. It has turned Malta into a gloomy, dull shithole, where not even the sun rays can reach the streets anymore. It serves the rich and the millionaires. It is part of the greed syndrome which serves the love of money, which is the root of all evil.

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